Hospital Checklist for New Mum and Newborn

No later than the 36th week of your pregnancy, it is highly recommended that your hospital bag be packed and ready to go, for anytime from then could be the day your baby decides to make a debut! Preparing a hospital bag with all the necessities for you and your precious newborn ahead of time will save you some unnecessary hassle of having to worry if you have left out anything important for your stay at the hospital. Furthermore, if your baby does decide to debut a little earlier than planned, you will be assured that you’re well-prepared for it! Here is a checklist to ensure you have everything you need before you leave to give birth.



For You:

Important documents (Identity card, ante-natal card, insurance card, doctor’s letter if any) Having all important documents at hand will ensure a smooth an uneventful registration and admittance into the hospital or medical centre.
Comfortable slippers You will need a comfy pair of slip-ons to walk around in before and after birth. Do ensure that your slippers have good friction on the soles to avoid any possible accidents on wet floors.
Energy snacks and drinks So that you can keep your energy up during labor
Hot water flask, spoon and covered mug Convenient for making soothing, hot drinks
TENS machine For some level of pain relieve during labour
Massage oil In case you want to be massaged during labour
A few pairs of kain sarung This will be convenient to use after the birth to simplify matters when it’s time for sanitary pad changes and post-natal vaginal or C-section check-ups.
A few pairs of comfortable and loose t-shirts For your breastfeeding convenience
Two or three pairs of nursing bras For your breastfeeding convenience
Nursing cover or poncho For discreet nursing when you have visitors
Nursing pads To avoid stains from leakage
Bath and face towels For your personal use
Travel-size toiletries including toothpaste and toothbrush For your personal use
Personal care and grooming items such as hair band, comb, deodorant, etc So that you can be presentable and confident throughout your stay at
the hospital
Maternity sanitary pads Choose the self-adhesive types for your convenience
Moderately fitting panties Choose a size smaller than your maternity panties for the most comfy and snug fit after the birth
Sweater Air-conditioned maternity wards tend to get quite cold, so pack one to keep yourself warm and comfortable
Socks To keep your feet warm
Books/magazines/iPad To entertain yourself in between rests, feeding your baby and visiting hours
Cell-phone and charger For communication convenience
Wet-wipes For easy and convenient clean-ups
Change of clothes for
going home
To wear as a new mummy when you are discharged to go home with your precious bundle
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For baby:

A few sets of basic baby clothes Choose basic pieces such as pajama top and trousers, button-up tees and shorts, etc.
Baby hooded blanket To keep your newborn warm and snug
Baby mittens and booties/socks To keep little hands and feet warm
Baby handkerchiefs For wiping baby spit-ups
Disposable diapers During your hospital stay, these will probably be provided. Pack a couple in your hospital back to use when bringing baby home
Infant car seat A safety must when transporting your newborn home
Camera or camcorder To record precious, once-in-a-lifetime moments




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