First in Malaysia: The Revolutionary Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology

We, parents, have come a long way in deciding what we want for our babies. We know that finding the right diaper for our baby is as important as deciding on the right nutrition. Both are essential components of the quality childcare we want to provide our loved ones, especially during their first formative years.

Babies will usually be in diapers round-the-clock from the day he is born until he is potty-trained by age two-plus or three. Thus comfort ─ derived from always having a dry bottom, rash-free skin and unrestricted movement ─ is one of the many important factors mums keep in mind when deciding which diaper will work best for her baby.

Here are some pointers on what to look for in diapers.

3 Considerations When Choosing A Diaper

  • Will it Keep Baby’s Bottom Dry?

This is your first, most important consideration when thinking of the well-being of baby’s ultra-sensitive thin skin and comfort. Keeping baby’s bottom clean and dry are the main ways of keeping those nasty diaper rashes away.

Diaper rash is red, splotchy inflammation of the skin caused mainly by prolonged contact with urine or stool. The chaffing and rubbing against wet diapers further aggravate the situation. Needless to say, the condition is painful for baby and he will cry in distress.

Hence, absorbency is a crucial factor when choosing a diaper. Superior absorbency distributes wetness evenly and is able to pull urine and feces away, keeping baby’s skin dry and comfortable.

  • How Well Would It Fit Baby?

One size does not fit all, even if the weight of baby falls into the weight category the diaper is made for. This is because every baby has a different body proportion. You want diapers with soft elastic waistbands and leg openings or have fastening tapes that stretch to ensure a good but comfortable fit. Active babies will change posture and position all the time, so you need to find a diaper that will conform well to baby’s contours as he moves around.

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Remember, a slim, flexible, non-bulky diaper that hugs baby in the right places will further contribute to a better fit, thus preventing leaks.

  • How Comfortable Will Baby Be?

Imagine yourself wearing a diaper all the time. What would keep you comfortable? Softness of material is one consideration, while lightness and allowing skin breathability is another. Edges should be soft and rounded too so that it does not cut or chaff skin.

Huggies Achieves the Impossible

Launching in April, Malaysia will be the first country in Southeast Asia to experience the ultimate in diaper technology ─ Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology
Launching in April, Malaysia will be the first country in Southeast Asia to experience the ultimate in diaper technology ─ Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology.
Huggies, as everybody knows, is a diaper expert and a globally-awarded brand for innovation on diapers. Inspired by over 40 years of constant research and improvement, the premium brand is now bringing to Malaysian mums, their revolutionary masterpiece: Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology. It’s a diaper so ultra thin and flexible ─ it feels almost like wearing nothing at all!

Watch how Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology works

Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology comes in two choices: As Pull-Up Pants or as Diapers with Adjustable Tapes.

Huggies Platinum is ultra thin and flexible yet providing up to 12 hours overnight absorbency^proving that ultra thin does not mean less absorbent! It also does not sag despite high moisture absorption, keeping baby’s skin dry and protected at all times.

^Based on research on average urination rate of babies per 12 hours.

Exceptional Features of Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology

Ultra Thin at only 5mm with over 100 million breathable holes

Flexible and does not sag even after multiple wettings

12 hours overnight absorbency

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