The Importance Of Seeing A Doctor Upon Finding Out About Pregnancy

After the first birth, some mothers tend to gain more confidence and decide not to consult a gynaecologist immediately after finding out about their pregnancy. Mrs. Chan, 57, who is a mother of two children, shares the story of how she lost a child during her second pregnancy and stresses the importance of seeing a doctor upon finding out about your pregnancy.


importance seeing doctor

After The First Baby

She had taken a rest and when she decided to try for another baby, it took her a decade before she successfully conceived again. When going through her second pregnancy, she suffered from terrible morning sickness which wasn’t something new to her as she went through a similar thing when she had her first child.

The condition of her morning sickness was so severe that it was difficult for her to even eat or drink. The worst thing about it was that she could not even swallow her own saliva without feeling sick. She constantly felt like throwing up at even the slightest swallowing motion. Mrs. Chan still went to work even though she was under such condition.

This may sound disgusting but what she did at work daily was to have a mug on standby on her desk. The mug is not for drinking, she spits every little saliva that starts forming in her mouth into the mug. The sight caused her colleague to be very worried for her and advised her to go for a checkup.

However, Mrs. Chan decided not to see a gynaecologist yet despite her colleague’s advice. She waited until she felt a little bit better before consulting a doctor. It wasn’t until three or four months later that she finally went to see a doctor to check on her and her baby’s condition.

Bad News

Mrs. Chan was faced with disbelief as her doctor broke an unfortunate news to her, informing her that he could not hear or find the baby’s heartbeat at all. She made another appointment with the gynaecologist to make a more thorough check-up, and to confirm the baby’s status.

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She was left with nothing but heartbreak on the following day as the doctor confirmed the baby’s death. The baby can usually be seen floating in the middle of the frame during an ultrasound scan. However, Mrs. Chan’s baby was seen located at the bottom corner of her womb. Sadness and regret lingered on her features as she described her emotions at that moment:

It felt so surreal, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when the doctor told me that the baby was gone. For so long, I yearned to have this child and it was taken away from me just like that. I could not even remember how much I’ve cried for the lost of my child. I wasn’t young then and was extremely worried that I couldn’t get pregnant again after that.

After that, the doctor then scheduled an appointment to conduct a suction procedure in order to remove the dead baby from her womb. Mrs. Chan took some time to get over the loss of her child before trying again to have another baby.

importance seeing doctor

Lesson Learned

Despite the ordeal, Mrs. Chan did not give up as she kept trying for another child and succeeded in conceiving exactly two years later. After the terrifying experience, she learned from her lesson and consulted her doctor right after discovering her pregnancy.

Thankfully, I was able to get pregnant again and that was when I had and gave birth to my second child.

That was when she smoothly gave birth to her second child. This story could be a warning for mothers to not take matters into your own hands. Always consult your gynaecologist to ensure the safety and health of your child and yourself.

I hope that all future or current pregnant mothers could read about my experience and make sure that they learn from my mistake. No one should ever deserve to go through what I did.

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