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The 8th day of March of every year is the special day for women, as known as International Women’s Day. It is a day to commemorate the achievements of women in many aspects related to the society. But not to forget, the moms also achieved a lot.

Many moms do not take the time each day to exercise, to have a time of spiritual renewal, give up their careers to be full time housewife, or to invest in friendships. They had sacrifice a lot for the family—her kids, husband, older parents – who had depend on her for a thousand things each day. They constantly prioritize caring for others over their own health and wellness.

While pregnancy was one of the toughest things that every mom went through. They could not enjoy their favourite foods, could not move freely as before, sleep with only one position, and more sacrifices. They sacrificed themselves in order to born a healthy baby. While the birthing process had nearly “killed them”, where those who did not experience birthing process would not know how suffering it was.

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This video shown that some men tried on one of the motherhood process – the pregnancy bellies. They walk a mile, do yoga, drive, all with the fake pregnant women’s bellies on their body. Eventually, they understood how great was a mom for having the big belly on their body for 9 months.

Another process of motherhood – change dirty diapers. Imagine you got to smell something that is disgusting. Changing diaper was never a fun thing, but moms did it everyday!

The video above is about a puppy trying its best not to fall asleep in order to protect its newly born owner. Same goes to all moms, where they sacrificed their sleeping hours in order to take care of their baby.

Moms, one of the greatest person in the world. Hereby to wish every super mom a Happy International Women’s Day!

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