JTCP Ep. 2: Ultimate New Mom Checklist

Your baby is due to arrive any day! As a new mom, you might be filled with nervousness and excitement. Soon, you will have your newborn baby in your arms! But before that, it’s imperative for moms to make sure that they have everything ready for the delivery day. To help you, the second episode of ‘Journey Through Confinement Period’ covers the ultimate new mom checklist.

So what do you really need to prepare before going into labour? Confinement is an important part of recovery after having a baby. If you’re choosing to have your confinement at home, this new mom checklist is for you.

1. Kain Batik / Sarong


new mom checklist

Why a sarong or ‘kain batik’? They’re easy to move around in, and it makes toilet trips a lot easier for you, especially postpartum.

2. Nursing Bra

new mom checklist

If you’re breastfeeding, a maternity bra is your best friend, especially when it comes to a hungry, screaming baby. Not only are they comfortable, it is also specially designed to make breastfeeding easier for both you and your baby.

3. Maternity Panties / Pads

new mom checklist

After giving birth, you will be experiencing period-like bleeding for the first 2-4 weeks while your uterus recovers and contracts after childbirth. Therefore, having sufficient numbers of maternity panties or maternity pads is a must. A good estimate would be about 6-8 pieces a day.

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4. Warm clothes

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If for any reason you need to leave your house for things like a doctor’s visit during your confinement period, layering up is a must. Even with Malaysia’s weather, you should always be prepared for any temperature changes as it is important for moms to keep a constant temperature.

5. Maternity socks

new mom checklist

Though many new moms are not a fan of these, it is a must in our ultimate new mom checklist. It is important to have maternity socks or stockings in order to keep your feet warm as most of your body heat is lost through your feet. Therefore, in order to stay healthy and facilitate healing, this is a must.

6. Nursing clothes

new mom checklist

So what’s so great about nursing clothes? When you breastfeed, it’s everything. In addition to giving your baby easy access to their food source, they are also designed to be highly comfortable. One piece of advice though, stick to cotton in order to ensure both you and your baby’s comfort!

And that’s it! Want to know more? Watch the video below! Stay tuned for our ultimate baby checklist too! With everything you need to prepare for your new arrival, this list is a must!

Think we missed anything out? Share it with us in the comments!

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