Journey Through Confinement Practices | How to get a Good Confinement Lady?

To all new mothers out there, it is advisable for you to get a confinement lady throughout your confinement period. It is even normal for urban mothers these days to be taken care of by a confinement lady, at their own house instead. But the question is, “How can I get a good confinement lady?”

In this fifth episode of PantangPlus with Madam Zamzana, she shares the important criteria to look for in a confinement lady.

Do the Research

One of the most important things is to do a proper survey. Do some research about which confinement services that you would like to choose from. Do this as early as your pregnancy!

Madam Zamzana highlighted that it would be better if you could get references from relatives or colleagues who ever used a confinement lady’s services. Ask them the experiences and the pros and cons of the services.

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The criteria to look for to get a good confinement lady:

  1. Experiences & Track records

Look for her track records – what are the services and to whom she ever provided the services. As a customer, we have the right to know these things for us to trust them. Good reviews and positive comments will give an added value to the confinement lady’s service. Besides that, you could also meet her personally and ask about the services that she offers.

As Madam Zamzana mentioned, most mothers really want to use a confinement lady’s services, but they are worried about the services that she could offer. Get more information about her experiences with both the mother and the baby.

  1. Services

Depending on your needs, some confinement ladies offer stay-at-home services, cook and massage the mother and some of them can travel daily. But what about the accommodation and travelling fees? Ask her all the necessary questions. Don’t forget to ask whether there are any additional charges on certain services. Have a clear-cut discussion with her before you confirm your booking to avoid any problem in the future.

  1. Ask for a trial session

Besides that, Madam Zamzana also suggested that you should have a trial session with her. One day should be enough. From this trial session, you can test her services. Maybe not all, but the least you will see is the way she will treat and massage you.

Book early!

Last but not least, book early! Once you have done with your research and inquiries, book the confinement lady as early as possible.

However, if you want to skip all the hassles, PantangPlus is always there to help you. Just go to, have a consultation with the expertise, and they will provide the best confinement lady for you!

Want to know more about what Madam Zamzana’s advice and tips? Watch the full video below!

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