Children Can’t Read Time Anymore

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Yes, you read it corretly, kids can’t read time anymore. Watch out when reading this article parents, you will immediately feel 10 years older than you really are. But this is an issue touching more and more kids, to the extent that some schools are making changes resolve it.

Analog clocks to read time? That’s way too old!

This is probably what your 10-year-old child will tell you if you ask him to read the time on your living room analogue clock. Indeed, these days children are used to grow with everything being digital. Iphones, smartwatches, digital timer, laptops… Kids are surrounded by these digital devices every day, every time, so when you give them an analog clock the problem is that they can’t read time on it. Moreover this problem is causing kids a lot of stress.

Why? A lot of teenagers expressed their trouble to read time on a traditional clock during exams. Because no digital device that can lead to cheating is authorized during exams, the students are required to look at the clock to manage their time. However it often end in them being confused and stressed about the remaining time to finish their work.

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Should the school change?


kids learning with computers

Many teachers and exam supervisors have noticed this problem. That is why England’s school are trying to resolve the problem by changing traditional clocks by digital ones. Schools staff have expressed how digital clocks are also convenient because there’s less chances to do mistakes while adjusting time.

Some other issues are also standing out, doctors are pointing out that a lot of kids going to school nowadays have problems holding their pens. Because of being used to digital tablets since the small age, kids don’t develop the right muscles to hold pen. This is resulting in kids struggling to hold pen at school.

Parents, there’s a debate here. Should schools adapt to this new era and go all digital or continue to pass more classical skills as we all learnt?

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BONUS: Here is a video to help you teaching your kid how to read time on an analog clock.

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