How To Put Your Kids To Sleep for Bedtime

Adult’s value sleeps more than kids do and more often than not, they are cleverer when it’s close to bedtime. The nightly challenge is not an alien to you. You think you know better, but no you are wrong. You thought kids will sleep throughout the night and if they are tired they will sleep on their own, but you are so mistaken that it becomes harder each night. As for kids, the tired they get, the more active they can get.

Why? Because they don’t want to admit how tired they are but both parents know—they just don’t know how to put them into bed. It’s either the bed is too thick, the night lamp is too dark, they are hungry, the song is too soft, there is a monster under the bed! And every time you either have to get rid of the monster in the closet or you have to fetch a softer blanket and you feel like a walking zombie.

And some lucky parents are born with kids of good sleepers and some just—aren’t. Sometimes the kids want to sleep, but they just want the attention from the working parents. Especially if they are being taken care of by babysitters or sent to the daycare. Kids know better in seeking attention and some parents don’t realise that—so they’ll try harder. But some parents are just too gullible. When the kids are playing with them and manipulating them into doing the things they want just to stay awake, they will do whatever they can to stay awake. The little rugrats are much more mischievous than you think parents!

Well walking dead parents! We have a solution for you and these tips we are going to give you later will help you how to put your kids to sleep. There will be no more crying, no more midnight cookies and no more ghostbusters—only a peaceful night for you and your kids.

No Big Meals before Bedtime

Avoid feeding your children big meals before bedtime. It will only make them even more active if you do. Instead, give them little and light snacks like milk and fewer sugar cookies.

Make it a Routine


bedtime stories

Create a calm, soothing environment for children, from dinner to bath time, to nigh snacks, to bedtime stories for bedtime. To create this calm and collected routine would effective for your children to follow. Avoid a too elaborate routine, which could make the kids rebel because of how much work they have to do before bedtime. Bedtime is not a chore for you and your kids. Bedtime is the time where you and your child could bond and have a peaceful sleep together. It’s going to be hard, but as time passes by and they adapt to the routine, it will get easier.

Prepare a Cozy Sleeping Area

If you need a comfortable place to sleep or even nap, your children need a cozy place to sleep too. You could set up a comfy comforter or blanket on their bed for them to snuggle too. Providing a teddy bear or soft toys could help them to sleep too. Help him get to use the bathroom first before bed to ensure them the comfort of sleeping throughout the night. Although your children can sleep through the construction noise during the day, your child could find an excuse that the sound of the television coming from the living room downstairs bothers them. Do set up a darkening shade curtain so it would be comfortable for them to sleep to protect them from the street lights.

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Tools of Safety

If your kids are one of those kids that are afraid of monsters under the bed or in the closet, give them a soft pillow to “fight” the battle between them when they are afraid. You could also get your husband to puff out his chest and be the superhero for your kids to kill those ugly monsters in the closet and smash the ones under the beds. This will not only entertain them but also ensure that no monster could get on their way to sleep.

Let your Children out to Play During the Day

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Well, this might sound mean, but get them tired! It’s true if children are tired and had enough time outside in the sun, it would easier to put them to sleep during the night. They will exhaust themselves to the point rubbing their eyes and climbing their way to bed on their own—without your help! Laughter can help them sleep and stay asleep during the night because they are tired but happy so they’ll sleep through the night. But if they are too stressed out, they will show you by crying. Maybe they will cry because they are tired too, and then they will go to sleep. Kids are different. Some kids will tell you they are sad or happy, but some kids will show tantrums and through actions. Through time you will know how to handle your own children and understand that every child is different but you’ll love them anyway.

Kids don’t like to sleep because they feel like they are not tired and they need to play more, but the fact is there, especially if they throw tantrums more than usual. We know it’s hard seeing your kids cry even though you are just trying to get them to sleep, but if it helps in any way, you could acknowledge their effort and give them prizes if they follow your rules like they will get one star each night if they get in bed on time and by the time it’s full 10 stars, they could get ice cream on weekends. Give them the opportunity to bond and spend time with you without any rules.

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