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We’ve all once been kids too, we all know how dreadful it can feel when we hear the words “study” or “learn”. To most of us, studying or learning is never fun. The same goes to your kids now, you understand how they feel about studying but as parents, you would want them to do well in school nevertheless.

Children can be very reluctant when it comes to attending tuition classes after school to improve how they’re doing academically, especially in the Mathematics subject. It is not a subject where everyone can find it easy or interesting at all. Are you also worried about spending too much money on tuition fees only to see no improvement in your child’s results? 

Eye Level is here to save the day with their unique methods of teaching that will not only help your child improve in their studies, but also in enhancing their Self-Directed Learning (SDL) skills, challenging them to be problem solvers and critical thinkers. Most importantly, Eye Level is able to help the kids foster love for learning, which is going to be very useful in all aspects of life.

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Learning at Eye Level can help your kids to be a good problem solver.

Free Trial Class

Use this perfect opportunity and let your child try Eye Level’s Math and English classes for FREE from 23 March to 30 April 2019! You can also enjoy free registration, which is usually worth RM50, along with a school bag if you enroll your child during this limited-time promotion period. 

What makes Eye Level so unique and different from other normal education centres is that they dedicate themselves into understanding the specific level your child is at. From there, the experienced and trained instructors will teach them based on their individual abilities, instead of applying the one-size-fits-all approach. 

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Eye Level – Math & English

Eye Level Math guides students through a progression of 32 levels, starting with some Basic Thinking Maths skills before slowly moving and advancing on to concepts and applications to develop Critical Thinking Math skills. 

Students will acquire basic arithmetic operations and mathematical thinking skills upon their completion of the Eye Level Math. Aside from that, they will also develop a greater level of concentration, positive study habits and see an increase in self-confidence.

Eye Level English helps students in building a strong foundation for their reading and writing skills in order to develop proficiency in the English language, which is necessary for academic success.

Comprehensive learning activities for every lesson are also designed with the aim of nurturing problem solvers, critical thinkers and lifelong learners. The language skill strands that are covered to provide comprehensive learning activities are:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Don’t forget to register your precious little one at Eye Level for a better learning experience. For more information, visit their website or Facebook page today!

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