Malaysian Moms Try : Formula Milk

Formula milk – What we feed our babies when moms can no longer breastfeed. Though there is a huge stigma towards feeding your baby formula milk, it may not be all that bad. In order to test this theory, invited some Malaysian moms to come in a taste test formula milk and share their thoughts regarding breastfeeding and feeding their babies formula milk.

In this video, we feature a number of moms including Azura Zainal, Fiqa Liyana Chong, Lydia Jominin, Petrina Goh and Rebecca Ng. For many moms, making the decision to breastfeed or feed their baby formula milk is not easy, but necessary due to various reasons like their health or work-life schedule. However, all moms want what’s best for their children, and will do their best to give whatever they can for their baby, to the best of their ability.

However, for many moms, including the ones appearing in this video, they prefer breastfeeding their babies for as long as possible, given the chance. Find out how our moms reacted when faced with trying the milk for themselves by watching the video below.

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