What Malaysian Mothers Feed Their Baby Before Age One

Apart from formula or breast milk, your baby needs a solid food for the nutrition. As he gets 6 months older and closer to age 1, you need to introduce solid foods for him to get all he nutrients and introduce his lifelong preference foods. If you have no idea or you want to make him try new foods each day, try to at least introduce new foods every three days. This way you can watch closely if he has any allergic reactions to the foods you were introducing.

But keep in mind sometimes the allergy reaction he has while he was a baby will not be affected when after the age of 10 or 12. Some babies have an allergy reaction towards eggs when they were babies, but not when they are older. But some might still have the allergic reaction, even when they are all grown up. So remember to consult with your pediatrician beforehand regarding introducing the solid foods to your baby to know any pose allergy reaction risk that your baby might have.



Blended Rice Porridge With:

Rice porridge is Malaysian mothers’ most favorite food to introduce as solid food for their babies. It’s delicious, can be mixed with other ingredients and nutrition.



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Chicken, Spinach and Carrot

Remember Popeye The Sailorman? He loved Spinach because it gave him strength, and it’s not a lie. Spinach does give strength, especially to babies for their development and growth. It gives vitamins and minerals to the baby as a catalyst of growth for babies. The carrot on the other hand is a good source of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene will turn into Vitamin A, which helps baby’s eyesight. Carrots promote immune system for babies to appear healthier and grow according to their age.

Prepare rice porridge beforehand. Then steamed the spinach and carrot. Chop the chicken into small pieces or dice the chicken and when all of that is done, add them into a blender and blend. You can add a little taste if you feel your baby will like it even better.


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Carrot, Broccoli, and Anchovies

Other than being extra delicious, the benefits that broccoli has been, it is a good supply of minerals and vitamins. Broccoli is also one of the cure for anemia and a remedy for gastric ulcer. Babies are much easier to have gastric ulcer because their stomach and intestine are not fully developed. So broccoli is a good veggie to prevent that. While anchovies are good to keep your little one’s little heart healthy and lower their toxin levels.

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Chop the Carrots, anchovies and broccoli and add all of them into the blender with the rice porridge and you’re done! Malaysian babies would definitely love the taste of them.


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Pumpkin, Broccoli and Chicken

Pumpkins are good kill intestinal worms and they have good antimicrobial properties. Pumpkins are also a good supply of antioxidants in which pumpkins help protect several of the baby’s organs from oxidative stress. It’s not only good for adults; it’s also good for kids, toddlers and babies too. Just remember to peel off the seeds from the flesh to prevent your baby from choking. Make sure to puree the pumpkins after you bake, boil or steam them.

Blend them together with broccoli and chicken and your baby will have all the nutrients from the three ingredients.


Potatoes, Anchovies and Carrot

Potatoes are famous veggies and they are loved by all ages too. Malaysian parents sometimes even feed their infants with only mashed potatoes because of how delicious it is. Potatoes improve the baby’s gastrointestinal and protect the liver. They heal and also protect the skin. When added with anchovies and carrots, all the nutrients from the ingredients are really useful for the babies who are growing each day.

Peel off the potatoes and steamed them into small pieces. Mashed them to make a paste so it would be a easier for your baby to eat and swallow. Then blend all of the ingredients together.


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Blended Pasta With:

Other than Rice porridge, to mix things up a little bit, mothers once in a while will give their babies to try to eat pastas. The ingredients will be just like how they prepare for themselves, except; they blend before they feed their babies.


Blended Salmon and Cheese

So you want your baby to try if they like pasta just like you or not? You can blend the pastas together with Salmon and Cheese. Salmon prevent coronary artery diseases and is also a good source of Omega 3, which is very good for your baby. While cheese adds a little more taste into the pasta, it’s also a good source of calcium, good fats and protein. But do keep in mind only feed your baby cheese if your baby is not lactose intolerant.

So boil the pasta until it’s thoroughly cooked and really soft. Cut the salmon into little pieces and blend them together with the pasta and cheese. If you want to mix things up a little bit more, you can replace the salmon to chicken.


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