Malaysian Supermom Azura Zainal Shares Her Motherhood Experience

For this month’s Supermom, we’ve invited Azura Zainal to come in and share her experiences of motherhood. Probably most known as the bubbly, Disney sweetheart during her first gig on Disney Buzz, she has since expanded her repertoire to include being an emcee, radio presenter and a noted personality in the Malaysian entertainment industry. This 37-year-old first-time mother initially decided to become a lawyer, but fate had other plans, giving her an opportunity to work for Disney instead.


Azura Zainal

Azura Zainal’s life has been full of wonderful surprises, including her adorable son, Zeydan. With no plans of having a little one in their lives anytime soon, the couple was surprised when Azura found out that she was pregnant. Being pregnant was not easy for Azura, especially since her work involved the entertainment industry, where the demand for pregnant women has a host or emcee is practically nonexistent. She tried to hide her pregnancy bump for 6 months in order to continue getting gigs, and once her pregnancy was announced and revealed, job offers dried up until Zeydan was conceived.

Azura Zainal

Though she is a first-time mother, Azura is no stranger to taking care of babies. Having grown up in a big family, she had to help take care of her sister when she was born, which meant that she was better prepared than most moms when it came to having her own baby. Coming from a big, tight-knit family definitely also help her during her own pregnancy and motherhood journey. During her confinement period, Azura’s sister took care of her and Zeydan. Even now, if she has to work, Azura’s niece will take over taking care of Zeydan too.

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Azura Zainal

Since the arrival of Zeydan, both her and her husband’s focus is now concentrated on their son, which is something that many couples can relate to. However, she suggests that it is important to rekindle the flame and get some alone time together. After all, the relationship is between the both of you. Even with all this, Azura Zainal does have plans on having more children. Growing up in a large family, she cannot imagine allowing Zeydan to grow up on his own and has plans to ensure that he will at least have a sibling to grow up with.

Azura Zainal

“Go with the flow,” is what Azura Zainal advises all the moms out there. “Listen to all the advice given, but take it with a grain of salt. Follow those that are suitable because, at the end of the day, you know what fits you and your child.” Definitely wise words to follow, especially given all the different information available when it comes to bringing up children. Find out what she shared and more by watching the full video below.

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