How To Map Out Your Career Life as a Working Mother

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Being a mother is indeed the hardest job in the world, let alone having another full-time job. In the past, many working moms have no choice but to leave the workforce in order to take care of the family during the first few years upon the baby’s arrival.  Due to the rising financial pressures, modern moms are making their career comeback as soon as their maternity leave is over, with the shared responsibilities from dads, of course.

However, juggling between motherhood and career can be challenging, especially if you are a first-time mom. Let’s take a look at how you can map your career path effectively as a working mom:

Starting Out With The Right Expectation

Once you start looking for a job, you might find yourself out-of-touch with the industry together with degraded skills and expertise. Technology is at its rapid rate of advancement, countless of industries will evolve and eventually, certain skills or work will be replaced by automation. If you are up-to-date with the changes in the industry, it is a whole lot easier for you to rejoin the workforce with ease. If not, it is time to refine your skill set before setting off to find your preferred job.


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Rebuild Your Skills

Learning new or refining your skills will help you adapt to your new workplace much easier and faster. Do consider taking up relevant certified online courses, attending tech schools, or picking up some books and watching video guides to get back on track in your field of work. That being said, education will prepare you for the right state of mind and help you catch up with your peers once you get back to work.

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Establish Your Online Presence

Besides selling yourself to your interviewer, you will need to market yourself in the internet space, especially on sites like LinkedIn or other relevant community sites that link back to your field of work. You online presence will be an added value for hiring managers to gauge your employability, on top of your resume. Most importantly, you level of engagement with the industry news as well as community discussions will also show your commitment and passion towards your career. Traditional moms are not always active on social media sites, but you need to make do with those dress personal branding channels to quickly establish your reputation.

Getting A Flexible Job

The chances of finding a flexible working job may be too far-fetched as not many jobs are offered in the manner, but it is possible to negotiate with your employer for flexibility in an existing job. You can either spend time conducting extensive research on potential employers offering flexible working hours, or search for one on multiple job boards. Need some inspiration? Check out Forbes’ list of best jobs for working moms here.

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