’s Malaysian Supermoms | Amber Chia is bringing you a new series, whereby we find Malaysian Supermoms and bring them into the spotlight and give all those supermoms out there some tips on parenting. For our first feature, we are bringing in supermodel and entrepreneur, Amber Chia. Unafraid of chasing after her dreams of being a model, she successfully navigates between being a good mum to her 7-year-old son, Ashton whilst still maintaining her professional life and profile. Watch the complete interview at the end of the article.

Who is Amber Chia?


Amber Chia

As a woman who entered the modeling industry 20 years ago, Amber Chia is no stranger to adversity and hardship. She had also started up her own business – Amber Chia Academy. After encountering many like her who wished to enter the modeling world, but had no channel to do so, it inspired her to take this next step in advancing her career. She also commented that “beauty is not forever, especially in the entertainment industry”, which then pushed her to fulfill her dream of teaching and passing down her wisdom and experience to the next generation.

Throughout her pregnancy

Amber Chia

Her journey through motherhood has not been an easy one as well. Having been through two ectopic pregnancies, she described her son, Ashton as a ‘miracle’ in her life. “I always hoped that I could be a mother and that I could have my own child, so thank you to my husband for making my dream come true”. Throughout her pregnancy, she had also received a lot of comments, including her this pregnancy would be the end of her career. However, with her positive attitude, she managed to overcome those comments and prove otherwise.

Her pregnancy had also greatly affected her professional life. When she found out that she was pregnant, Amber considered cutting down on her jobs in order to focus on her pregnancy. However, the opposite happened. Her pregnancy with Ashton actually opened up more doors and opportunities for her which were otherwise inaccessible. It also gave her a whole new fanbase and market, for which she is very grateful to her son for.

After giving birth

Amber Chia

After giving birth, Amber noticed a shift of perspective in life. She noticed herself being stronger for her son, as well as having a more positive outlook. When asked how she manages to juggle between her robust career and taking care of her son, she stresses that it’s all about taking care of your health. “Once you are healthy, you find that you are able to manage so many things well”. She also states that with health and time management, you will be able to prioritize better too.

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Seeing as her job mostly involves being in the public limelight, it is no wonder that her son is also a part of the scene, with him joining her in some modeling gigs as well. When asked about how she feels about it, Amber commented that him being somewhat exposed to the public limelight has actually given rise to more people who are willing to look after her for him while she is working.

Now that Ashton is growing and discovering his own interests, especially in becoming a Youtuber and gamer, Amber is hoping that he will soon settle on a dream and start working towards it as she did when she was younger. She also follows the simple principle of going after and doing what you are passionate about, and is willing to support her son in whatever endeavours that he chooses to pursue later on in life, so long as it isn’t illegal, pulling from her experience with her own parents’ reactions towards her when she first decided to pursue modeling.

Words for our readers

Amber Chia

“Take it easy, eventually you will learn”, is the main lesson that Amber Chia has learned throughout her own motherhood journey. When she found out that she was pregnant, she had planned meticulously about how she was going to raise Ashton. However, she soon realized that each child has different personalities and quirks. She also encourages all mums out there to enjoy motherhood, even though it is hard, especially for all those working mums out there. You may watch the full interview below.

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