Myths of Motherhood Revealed

If you’re a mom of three or four or maybe more, then you will agree with us on these myths. But if you are a new mom and you read from books and through the Internet, anything regarding your kids is going to help you, then you are wrong—well slightly wrong. Because sometimes the tips are given work, sometimes they don’t. It all depends on you and your kids actually.

Myths #1: Your kids will listen to what you say if you tell them nicely

Well, for one, that does not mean they are rude. Sometimes they just don’t want to listen because you have told them countless times of the same thing. And they are getting tired of hearing it. So they chose not to listen. And yeah, we know, that’s extremely annoying and rude, but think back on how you are going to approach them. They won’t listen once or twice, but hey, we were once at their age too.

Myths #2: You are going to buy only on the To-Buy list, nothing else

Jokes on you mothers, but no, seriously, you won’t stick to that To-Buy list. Especially if you bring along your kids to the grocery store like Tesco or Giant. You are going to buy unnecessary things like junk foods, chips, cotton candy, yoghurt drinks and much more than that. The shopping list is the grocery essentials and leaves it to your kids to add something else to your shopping cart.

Myths #3: You are going to have a “me” time while your kids are not home

No, you probably won’t. You think you will, but no, sometimes you won’t. As soon as your kids are not at home, you’ll want to do the chores that you have been neglecting like clearing up the storage room. Or moping the stairs. Or going to the grocery store to add more stocks.

Myths #4: You will have the time to do the laundry

Hate to break it to you new moms, but you won’t. You are going to be so busy sometimes with your kids, your husband and your parents that you won’t have the time to do laundry. Even if you do have time, you’re going to have piles of clothes waiting to be folded or hang. That’s the fact. And when you do have the time to be alone, look at myths #3. You are going to need that time alone to do all the chores including your laundry and folding the clothes.

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Myths #5: It’s going to get easier once they are older

Truth to be told, every stage and at every age, it’s going to have a challenge or two. Even when you were a toddler, a tween or a teenager, you gave your parents a headache too so challenges? It’s inevitable. That’s the fun part in going through the journey of motherhood. Challenge after challenge. If you succeed in shaping them the way they are supposed to be and that means being the best that they already are, then give yourself a pat. But if sometimes you fail or stumbled along the road, then it’s okay. No one is going to blame you or judge you. Just do your best. Nobody said being a mother is easy, but it is rewarding.

Myths #6: You will only give your kids healthy food

Unless you and your husband is a healthy food enthusiast, then this is not a myth for you. But if you don’t practice this, it’s going to be hard to make your kids eat healthily and feed them healthy food at the same time. You’ll be grateful for that bag of frozen fruits and chips with those packets of biscuits that you bought from Tesco.

Myths #7: Every tip regarding motherhood and parenting works

You know this well, don’t you? No, not every tip and tricks will work with you and your kids. Sleeping time is going to be hard, no matter how many times you look through that motherhood book guidelines on how to make your kids sleep, according to their time Potty training is not going to be easy no matter what the websites said. Some may work and some may not. What works for others might not work well for you so keep that in mind, new moms.

Myths #8: You’ll never say those cliché parents’ lines

No. You will. Maybe not all the phrases, but one or two you might. And you’ll realize that you have become your parents and that’s okay. So what if you said “go to your room now!” when you don’t want to? Sometimes they need to be said. It’s okay to say, “because I said so” or “I’m your mother” or even, “I told you so” once in a while. They’ll get it and it’s okay.

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