Mothers are neglecting the importance of Pap Test

Women in our society today are seeking a balance between career and family, in fact, health is being neglected.Most of us spend our whole life reluctantly getting our health screened, afraid of the outcomes. But do women in today’s generation know about Pap Test?

Pap Test is one of the most effective methods to detect cervical cancer that can lead to death in women worldwide. Women still die of this condition despite the existence of preventative measures such as vaccinations and screening, especially Pap Test. 

Because “I didn’t know and I didn’t feel anything” is a common phrase among our society. It can’t be denied that sickness can arrive without announcing itself or any other symptom.

We are trying to live our best life, blissfully unaware and reaching the goals we set in our life. And yet action is not taken in preventing cervical cancer.Highlighted

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Getting Your Pap Test!

We all know the fear of going to clinic or even hospital, but what is more important than our health? Pap Test can easily be done through any gynae clinic which requires less than 30 minutes of yours.

What Happens During Pap Test?

During the Pap Test, it requires you to lie down with your feet placed in stirrups. A speculum is then inserted into your vagina to widens the walls of vagina which allows the doctor to take a sample of your cervix cell for lab review.

The Results

You will get your result within few days, coming back either negative or positive. It is definitely a good news if it comes back negative because there isn’t any strange looking cells in your cervix!

But fret not if it is positive, because it doesn’t necessarily means you have cancer. In fact you might have a slight inflammation in your cervix or even minor cell changes in your cervix.

But what leads up to the “ Wait and See Approach” ?

If you are facing the positive result, you might have to wait for few months for the abnormal cells to clear up. But if it doesn’t, you will have to proceed for further screening and get advice from your gynecologist!

Why Pap Test?

As a matter of fact, it is recommended for women to start receiving the test as early as the age of 21. And have it done every three to five years!

Us, women should not be afraid of facing the truth instead value your health before sickness comes approaching us. Therefore, protect yourself and your daughters from this potentially life-threatening disease by getting your Pap Test done today!

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