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book review

by Asha Carlos


The Wonder Years

(The Essential Guide to child development for ages 0-5)

By Dr Martin Ward Platt

Written by Dr. Martin Ward Platt, a Paediatrician and Neonatologist in Newcastle upon Tyne, United

Kingdom, The Wonder Years pinpoints the vital clues that indicate that development is proceeding normally for a growing child (from newborn to the age of five). Lots of interactive parent-child activities, illustrations, charts and photographs make the book a breeze to read. The book also emphasizes the fact that the first five years are the most vital in a child’s growth when he/she develops a wide range of skills during the different stages of their growth.

The author has segregated the book into eight chapters i.e. movement, fi ne motor development, sensory development, mental development, social and emotional development, bowel and bladder development, development concerns and factors affecting development. Each chapter clearly indicates the right time for a toddler’s check-up and what are the steps that needs to be taken by the parents. I personally found the ‘safety checklist’, ‘developmental milestones checklist’ as well as ‘is your child ready for school checklist to be very useful. A good book to read or add to your personal library to help you understand your growing toddler.


Mama’s Big Book of Little Lifesavers

By Kerry Colburn

I enjoyed reading this cute little handy pocket book filled with over 390 tips and ideas on doing things faster, smarter and cheaper especially for first time parents. The book which is written in a casual manner is divided into three sections which are ‘time-savers’, ‘money-savers’ and ‘sanity-savers’, loosely organised from babyhood through kindergarten age. In the time-savers section, the author suggests parents create a baby scrap book or an email account so that they can send the little ones quick notes about what is happening in his/her life at that very moment. In money-savers, parents are given tips on swapping clothes and toys with other parents or even swapping babysitting time. Parents are also given recipes to make unlimited supplies of play dough as well as bubbles. In sanity savers, parents are asked to keep safe cooking-related items such as measuring spoons and ladles in a low drawer to keep toddlers amused when you cook.

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Although these tips have been compiled by experienced parents and are definitely helpful to new parents, I would suggest readers to take them in with a pinch of salt. These modern solutions do help but some of the tips may not be relevant to you or your lifestyle. For instance, I personally prefer home cooked meals instead of buying pre-made baby food in a jar although it is convenient. Nevertheless, it is a fun read for parents wanting a little bit of advice and guide on matters relating to baby sleep, potty training, saving cash on baby gear and much more.

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