Experiencing Both Natural Birth And C-Section Surgery


Some mothers have only experienced natural birth while some only Cesarean section. Michelle is a mother of two sons who have experienced both natural birth and C-section. Here, she shares her experience and opinions on both of the different birth methods.

Michelle Lee, 36

I’m very proud to be able to let people know that I’m a mother who has been through both birth methods. Two of my sons were born through different methods, I’m glad I know what it’s like going through the two different types of birth.

My elder son, Brayton, who is now 9, was born through the Cesarean section surgery procedure. Meanwhile, my younger son, Kingston, 8 years old now, was born through natural birth. Each method has its own pros and cons, just like everything else.


Michelle’s elder son, Brayton. (Image Credit: Michelle Lee)


During my first birth, it was an emergency C-section due to an unplanned water break. To be more specific, the doctor’s sudden decision for surgery was because the baby defecated while still being inside my womb. The doctor feared that the baby will consume his own faeces and decided the surgery would be best.

I remembered being very nervous and confused moment my water broke, wondering why in the world is the water so dirty. It all made sense when the doctor said that it was because the baby had defecated. Though I’d say I was a little disappointed finding out that I needed to give birth to my first child through surgery, I was hoping for a natural birth.

The disadvantages of going through this birth method are the epidural injection. It has caused me some side effects such as backache. My back now starts hurting when I stand for too long, which is a problem that I never had before. Besides that, there is also a scar on my stomach, which to me, is a shame.

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The only advantage of this is a funny thing though. A baby that is born from surgery looks better the moment its born compared to a baby from natural birth. If you ask me, that’s all I’ve got to say about the pros of Cesarean surgery.

Michelle’s younger son, Kingston. (Image Credit: Michelle Lee)

Natural Birth

In the following year, I had my second son. The pregnancy was actually not advised by the doctor as apparently, it isn’t good to get pregnant too quickly after giving birth through the C-section surgery. However, I went with it anyway by not having any birth prevention.

I would say that the difference between both methods would be the pain that you would have to go through. There were no pains during the surgery as you’ll be on anaesthetics but it is after the procedure. The pain that I had to go through after the C-section surgery lasted for quite a while.

Whereas during natural birth, I was numbed with several kinds of pain but it was still much easier than the C-section surgery. After the natural birth, it will still hurt a little on the lower region, that’s for sure but it’s not as bad compared to the surgery.

If a choice is given, I would say that natural birth is better than surgery for a mother. At least in my own opinion, I would prefer giving birth naturally.

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