5 Ridiculous Parenting Advice You Always Hear From Non-Parents


Have you ever realised that non-parents always love to give you parenting advice on how to manage your kids? Some of the advices are not relevant at all. One of the advice I have heard is don’t let your kid eat in the car so that your car will not be a mess. I am also not a parent yet but i know that, that kind of advice is not even legit at all. How can you not let them eat in the car when they are asking for food while crying? Do you want to drive in a chaotic car like that? I bet not, right? So, there are more advices that i get from non-parents which I will share it with you today.

Here are 5 ridiculous parenting advice you always hear from non-parents.

1) You should/shouldn’t be stricter


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Sounds familiar right? I always say this to my sister too. She is way too strict and I tell her to be less strict to her kids but little did I know, that if we are not strict to our kids, they will be spoiled and they wouldn’t know how to respect us, eventually. Now I get it.

2) You should/shouldn’t breastfeed

This one is too much because I believe that every mom has their own ways of raising their kids and they will know how to raise them. Whether they want to breastfeed their child or not, we are not to decide. After all, it’s their own children and they can raise their children as they wish.

3) You should/shouldn’t just let them cry it out

For this one, I believe all parents know how to calm their children down, and every parents has their own ways of calming their little ones down. Some uses the cry-it-out method because they know by doing that, their kids will let all their anger out and eventually they will calm down by themselves.

4) You shouldn’t let them eat that

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Oh really? What if they want to eat McD and they cry the whole day just because you don’t want to feed them with unhealthy food? Do you really want to make them cry the whole day for that petty reason? I bet all parents will go and buy McD straight away so that their day will not be miserable. Yes, some parents are known to be more health conscious, but sometimes it is okay to let your children eat whatever they want as a treat.

5) I can’t believe you let them have a cell phone

Seems like everyday, we watch parents give cell-phones to their children in order to distract them from disturbing them. For example, in the car. You wouldn’t want them to make noise in the car all the way from home to your destination right? Or even during meals outdoor. Some children will make so much noise and parents are always so stressed out. It is okay to let them have a cell phone but maybe you can limit their time on the screens.

After all, they are some parenting advice from non-parents that parents could really use.

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