The Perfect Age To Conceive

It is not uncommon for women to wonder what the perfect age to conceive is. Undoubtedly speaking in terms of biology, there is a specific age where conceiving is the easiest and healthiest. However, that age may not be right for average women to have a baby as most are in the midst of seeking or expanding a career. So the question is, is there really a perfect age for a woman to be a mother?


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In Your 20s

According to Women’s Health, women in their twenties are most fertile. Conceiving at this age would be fairly easy and you would have the least pregnancy risks. Though it may seem best to have a baby at this age, how many women in their twenties can actually afford to have a child? Women at this age would either be busy trying to complete their studies or are in the process of achieving success.

In Your 30s

A woman’s fertility starts to decline once she’s in her thirties. The decline further speeds up as you reach 35 years old. Conceiving at this age would be less easy and even if it is successful, you will be exposed to the risks of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities. You would most probably also face more complications later in pregnancy or during the delivery of your baby. However, having a baby at this age would mean you’d have enough time to enjoy your youth and to explore your career.

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In Your 40s

Once you reach your forties, your fertility is naturally declined by a lot. It may be possible to conceive with the help of medical facilities but some risks will be inevitable. There may be more complications and higher chances of miscarriages. Despite that, some women who gave birth in their forties are said to have lived a much longer life and that their children turn out to be much smarter.

All in all, there really is no perfect age for a woman to conceive. What really matters is that you have to feel that it is the right time for yourself. The perception of the best age to have a baby can be different for every woman.

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