Postnatal Pilates – Is It Safe?

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If you’re a new mom and thinking about taking up postnatal exercise, Pilates is one of the great choices. Not only it will ease you back into exercise gently, but it has also proven to be highly successful in building up women’s inner core muscles after delivered a baby.

Pilates activities focus on dealing with issues which may have arisen during pregnancy and labour, in particular, it targets the weakened and stretched abdominal muscles known as the pelvic floor.
In fact, it is an excellent way for moms to take some time off from the busy life after being a new mom.

Postnatal Pilates session is usually an eye-opening to the new mothers because sometimes they have no idea how weak a postpartum body can be despite them still being regular at their exercise routine throughout their pregnancy or vice versa.

Here are four reasons why new mommies out there should do Pilates.

Reducing Diastasis Recti


Through Pilates,  women can strengthen abdominal muscles and avoid further issues down the line such as back pain or sciatica. Pilates emphasizes the deep abdominal muscles, in particular, the transverse abdominis, which helps to stabilize the lumbar spine and deal with back issues.

Pelvic floor activation

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Your pelvic floor muscles (the muscles that stop you peeing yourself) have been put under a lot of pressure during both pregnancy and childbirth. Stress incontinence and prolapse are common amongst new mums, and Pilates is a great way to reconnect with and strengthen your pelvic floor to counter these issues. That woman who could laugh freely? Remember her? Don’t worry, with Pilates; you can now be “her” again.

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Posture assessment

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Your body, including your posture, changes during pregnancy, and these changes can hang around after you’ve given birth too (sometimes for years!).

Pilates will help you mobilize the stiff parts, become aware of the position of your hips and spine, and also help you regain core stability to help protect your back.

Mental health well being

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The primary focus is on assisting post-natal recovery as opposed to making new moms work so hard they can be so tired to do anything at the end of it.  In return, Pilates can give a very calming effect on a person’s mental state which is invaluable for those busy moms looking to de-stress and re-connect with their body.

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