Is the pregnancy nose a real thing?

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Pregnancy nose? We can read through your mind that you’re thinking « What are they talking about ?» But there is no hoax here. The pregnancy nose exists, and we are going to explain it to you.

A not well-known symptom


Pregnant Chrissy Teigen having a pregnancy nose
Pregnant Chrissy Teigen that used social medias to talk about pregnancy nose.

Unlike other expected symptoms of pregnancy such as gaining weight, food craving, emotional instability, swollen breast or legs, some symptoms are weirder and less common to future mothers. Indeed, the pregnancy nose is a real issue and it does exists.
The American supermodel, Chrissy Teigen who is expecting her second child with the popular R’n’B singer John Legend, recently chose to talk on Twitter about how her nose was getting bigger and bigger since her pregnancy. Many mothers then commented her post, some really surprised and others sharing their own experiences about pregnancy nose.

Pregnancy nose: how does it happen?

As is everyone aware, additional hormones are released in women’s bodies while pregnant. The blood vessels expand in the whole body to provide additional blood to the baby fetus. This can cause mommies noses to be congested while expecting their baby. But why bigger?! It is because of the same reasons, rises of estrogens levels create more work for your nose that has to pump more blood. This augmented level of blood circulating in your nose is then adjusted by the expansion of your membrane and muscles causing it to become bigger.

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Will it go back to normal?

After pregnancy nose

The answer is… yes! No need to overly panic, as all the symptoms caused by pregnancy, the pregnancy nose will slowly disappear. Once all your hormones levels will be back to normal, your nose should also get back to its original size.

However if your swollen nose is becoming an insecurity, you can always consult your doctor that can dispense you antihistamines that are safe for pregnant women and help narrowing blood vessels.
Nevertheless you should always remain careful, a sudden swollen nose might not always be caused by increased blood circulation or water retention. It can also be the sign of high blood pressure that must be taken seriously right away.

So Moms, did you had a pregnancy nose too? Don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comment section! For more articles, products and exclusive reductions, visit

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