How to Prevent Autism during Pregnancy


Even up until today, the causes of autism has not been clearly discovered. However, genes are believed to be one of the factors to whether a child is born with autism or not. Another factor is that if the mother was exposed to some type of chemicals when she was pregnant, the baby is likely to be born with birth defects. Some scientists also mentioned that autism can be caused by both the genetic factors and environmental factors.

Some cases may primarily have a genetic cause, and others may have a primarily environmental cause, but most cases probably result from the interaction of both,

says Paul Wang, M.D., senior vice president of medical research for Autism Speaks.



But the question is, can we prevent from having a child with autistic disorder?

While we can’t actually do that, but we can lower the risk if all mothers try the following lifestyle changes:

  1. Live healthily.

Living healthy plays a very important role in lower the risk of autism. First of all, you should have your health checked regularly to rule out your and your baby’s health risks. You need to have a healthy, well-balanced diet. Optimize your nutrition intake and ask your obstetrician for advice on prenatal vitamins.  

However, please avoid using any drugs during pregnancy! Remember to ask your doctor carefully before taking any drugs. In case you are diagnosed with some health conditions, go strictly along with your doctor’s advice to keep yourself under control. Most of all, please don’t forget to give yourself a break. A proper rest and stress-free environment really help you and your pregnancy.


2. Avoid exposure to air pollution.

There are a lot of ways you can try to shield yourself from air pollution. Don’t exercise during peak hours and stay away from congested areas. The more air pollution to which a pregnant mother is exposed, the more significant the risk can outweigh.

3. Stay Away From Toxic Chemicals

This is another important factor that often mothers overlooked. The use of some chemicals during pregnancy can lead to many birth defects. Exposure to specific chemicals during pregnancy such as metals, pesticides, insecticides, too, can increase the risk of autism spectrum disorders in your baby.

Type of chemicals to avoid:

  • Personal products with fragrances
  • Canned food
  • Aluminium/plastic water bottle.
  • Metals
  • Pesticides/insecticides
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It is understandable that doctors can hardly discover whether our baby will have autism during our pregnancy, but don’t lose hope. There are still ways that every pregnant mother can try to lower the risk by living healthily and happily. But then again, anyone that is born with autistic disorder is very special and unique in their own way!

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