Public Schooling vs Home Schooling

The rise in home schooling these days sparks off debate on which kind of education is most suitable for a child.

The choice between public and home schooling is not an easy one to make.

Parents may think that public education may not be the best learning environment for a child but on the other hand, home schooling does present its own set of setbacks. Therefore, choosing carefully and putting your child’s needs into consideration are crucial before making    a decision.

There are many pros and cons that need to be considered when it comes to your child’s needs, where your own personal beliefs or values may or may not play a part in your decisions.

So let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to choosing between public schooling and home schooling.


Advantages of Public Schooling

  • Children get to learn, explore and share their creative minds with their peers in this interactive learning environment
  • Children are able to learn better and more efficiently through social interactions between their peers
  • It is not just a place for basic learning, but also a place for them to learn about communication, teamwork and tolerance within a group
  • Studies are set in a multicultural environment where they learn to   respect others from diverse cultures, languages and norms
  • Public schools give kids a chance to participate in extra-curricular activities, from sports to clubs and bands
  • Many schools provide after-school programs for students to participate in
  • Public schools have the sufficient facilities such as science and technology labs for children to utilise for experimentation


Disadvantages of Public Schooling

  • Children may face peer pressure and bullying in school
  • Children may get influenced by delinquents and become difficult and rebellious
  • Children who are introverts may be left out in class or left out from participating in any group activities
  • Some teachers may have favouritism to a certain group of children, leaving others somewhat neglected
  • Teachers may follow their own teaching styles and pace and may abandon slow learners
  • Some children may develop a false sense of independence to the point of not heeding any advice from elders when making a decision
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Advantages of Home schooling

  • Parents can spend more quality time to teach and influence their children
  • One-to-one learning environment
  • Flexible study schedule to suit a child’s needs
  • Promotes closeness in relationships between parents and children
  • Home schooled children are free from peer pressure
  • Parents can give more attention and guidance to their kids’ learning styles and pace
  • You are able to better nurture your children’s musical talents or arts and crafts talents for better growth
  • You are able to customise your teaching pedagogies into a more interactive and fun learning environment for your children


Disadvantages of Home schooling

  • Parents may not be qualified to teach due to lack of professional training and teaching methodologies
  • Money has to be spent on additional teaching materials
  • Special needs students may lack specialised teaching aids
  • Parents may lose interest in teaching due to household chores
  • Children may feel lonely from lack of social interaction with others their age
  • Children may be highly dependent on parents or tutors
  • Children may miss out the edgy competition faced by many public school students in today’s world
  • Parents may become frustrated when their child fails to understand the lesson taught


While there isn’t any right or wrong when it comes to making a decision on how your child should be schooled, your choice WILL still affect the outcome of your child’s future. The most important factor to consider when making a choice about your child’s education, is what your child needs and how do you intend to realise those needs. To some extend, it also depends on your social and financial status. Hence, whichever you choose, do make a conscious effort to make the best out of it for the sake of your child’s future.



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