5 Reasons You Should Send Your Kids to Nursery

kids nursery

Many parents with children under three are faced with the question of whether or not to send their kids to nursery. Is it the right place for the child? Do the children learn something from there?

There are many good reasons to send your child to a nursery.


kids nursery
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Reasons why you should send off your kids to the nursery:

1. Socializing

Meeting and playing with other children will help them to learn lots of new skills, overcome shyness, as well as helping them to develop empathy and their emotional literacy when they socialize with their peers. They have lots of opportunities to socialize with other children and adults in the nursery.

The children must learn to deal with an entirely new situation if they have only been exposed to a close family environment. Fighting and conflict are normal and should be dealt with patiently and constructively. Children in preschool develop a feeling for interacting with others and learn social behaviors. This experience complements the child’s home life and promotes their emotional and intellectual development.


2. Plays

Children will also have lots more opportunities for messy, sensory play at nursery than at home. This type of play has been found to be incredibly beneficial for childhood development, as a way of exploring and understanding the world around them. A good program has to include time for children to engage in creative make- believe on a regular basis. Dramatic play should not be limited to just dressing up and play-acting only. Children want to explore all sorts of adult roles. They can set up a make-believe shop, for example, teachers may incorporate math, with lessons on how much they should charge for things, decision making (which purchases to make, which to pass by), etc.

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kids nursery
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3. Early Education

Children will be more exposed to learning from all aspects, from reading, counting, singing, speaking in the way of manners. In addition, studies have shown that children who have attended nursery can be as much as a year ahead in English and Maths when they start Primary School rather than to those that have not.

4. Behavior

Each child has different talents and abilities; heritage, culture or religion may vary as well in the nursery. This is important children can learn from these varies. Hence, children usually not learn consciously but through observation, imitation, and repetition. Thus, each child learns from their classmates and develops their own knowledge and abilities as well as social skills, which often generates positive emotions.

kids nursery
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5. Preparing for school

Starting school will be much less of a shock to them as much as those who have never attended nursery. Furthermore, they will probably adapt easily to a learning environment and have greater social skills and they will feel more secure in a different environment. The nursery will also help the children develop confidence in relating to adults.

If you have an experience regarding sending your kids to the nursery, please do share with us!

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