Sex Education #8: Catcalling – How to teach your son to respect women


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What is catcalling? Catcalling is defined as rude sexual remarks made by men to women. It happens when a man whistles, yells, hollers, or comments on women in a sexual manner. This happens thousands of times a day all over the world. Most women have experienced catcalling regardless of age. For me, I view catcalling as harassment. Do you like it if someone yells at you saying “Hey sexy!” or “Nice ass!” and gives you that disgusting look, wink or even whistles. Ew, stop it.

Women shouldn’t be afraid and uncomfortable when riding public transport, going to schools, colleges, universities or even walking around in public. Many say that it’s our fault because we provoke men by wearing something revealing or even when we’re just being ourselves. So, does that mean that we can’t wear whatever we want or expressing ourselves without being catcalled? This is ridiculous and very disrespectful.

In 2018, a new survey finds that 81% of women have experienced sexual harassment. 3 out Of 4 women has been verbally harassed. 77% of women had experienced verbal sexual harassment, and 51% had been sexually touched without their permission. About 41% said they had been sexually harassed online, and 27% said they had survived sexual assault.


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Teaching Boys How to Respect Women

Parents have to show good examples to their children. If they show other people respect, their children will too.

1. Teach them respect


Everyone deserves to be respected. We all should be treated with kindness and compassion. Start teaching them since young. If we plant this attitude in them, they will treat everyone with respect.

2. Surround them with good men as role models

Having role models will have a massive impact on them. When a  boy sees his father, grandfather, uncle, guardian or anyone who respects women, they will tend to follow in their footsteps.

3. Avoid them from pornography

We’re not talking about Playboy magazine kind of pornography. We’re talking about hardcore, violent and disgusting pornography where boys think that there are women who are indeed sex addicts out there. So, avoid them from exposing to pornography because it will ruin their lives as well.

4. Sexism

Teach them about sexism. Stop stereotyping or biases about women. When I was younger, I always hear people saying “Women should stay home and clean the house”, “Women should cook every meal”, “Women should just stay in the kitchen” and so on. Stop it. Whenever you catch your son criticising women for any gender-related issues, talk to them. Let them know sexism isn’t cool nor funny.

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I think it’s time to stop all this nonsense. Women are not to play with; they’re not your toy nor for entertainment. Treat them with respect, and it’s time to make the world a happier place. Schools should also teach youths today that this isn’t funny or playful. Stop catcalling.


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