Significant Money Lessons We Learn from Our Mums

money lessons

We believe learning how to save money starts at home, from the tender period of our childhood. After all, everything we understand about the world comes mostly from our parents or those who raise us up.

If you had a money-saving mum, you would have picked up saving tips from her that you may or may not realise. Here is a list of the top money lessons we have learnt from our mothers.

  1. Budget everything!

    This is key to handling the multitude of expenses that come from running a household – from necessities like groceries and utility bills to savings for emergency and holidays. Budgeting is key.

  2. Save whatever little you can save.

    Did you receive a piggy bank as a child? Were you taught to put aside any money into your piggy bank? Sikit-sikit, lama lama jadi bukit. Every little bit counts.

  3. No hoarding or excessive spending allowed

    Your mum probably taught you the value of learning to donate what you don’t use and also, how to pace your spending. As kids, we wanted to buy every toy now, now, now. Our mother’s taught us the value of patience.

  4. Earn your own living

    My mother once told me “always make your own money so you never have to rely on anyone but yourself for financial freedom”. The value of hard work and earning your own income will never grow old. Stay-at-home mums can earn a living too!

  5. Pay in cash

    If you can’t afford to pay for it in cash, don’t buy it on your credit card. Simple.

  6. Take care of yourself

    Find ways to set aside money for self-care, whether it’s to treat yourself to a nice haircut or massage, or to buy a new pair of shoes. You deserve it! Women tend to serve others and forget about their own needs, don’t let this happen to you.

  7. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

    Hand-me-downs save you a ton of money!

  8. Think about the future.

    Our mothers probably made a lot of personal sacrifices to save money for our future education or to help us stay afloat when we go to college. While it may be tempting to keep spending for short-term pleasures, thinking about your kids and their future will help you remain focused on long-term financial gains.

With all those money lessons, as we enter adulthood, we may want to also think about how we can give back to our parents. A gesture of appreciation for taking care of us all those years.

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