Signs Of An Overprotective Parent


It is understandable that parents are concerned about their children, which can only mean they love their children. However, too much of anything is never good. The same goes to the love or protection a parent gives their children. We’re talking about overprotective parents and how it is not a good thing to be too protective of children. Here are some signs of an overprotective parent.

Micromanaging Everything

Are you keeping your child too close? It is never good to take control of every single thing for your child. Micromanagement can cause your child to stop in their tracks and prevent them from finding the true interests that they personally want to pursue. The right way is for parents to stop and ask their child what is it that they want and let them make some decisions for themselves.

Keeping Your Child From Failing

People need to fail in order to learn. If parents are constantly keeping their children from failing, how will they ever learn things the hard way then? If a parent does this, the child won’t be able to handle failure when they grow up later. When your child fails at something, watch them cope with their feelings and overcome it by themselves.

Not Teaching Responsibility

Doing everything for your child would mean not teaching them any responsibilities. It may seem easier for you to just get things done but your child needs to learn about responsibilities. Don’t make their bed, clean their room or put their clothes away for them. Never assume they’ll automatically know how to do these things once they’re grown up, it all comes from practice.



Overly-Comforting Your Child

It can break your heart to witness your child cry and get upset over an injury or when another child bullies them. Don’t go out of your way to comfort them, sure, you want to fix all those hurt and make them feel better but don’t overdo it by spoiling them. If you do so, they’ll never learn to cope with hardships on their own. But that doesn’t mean you don’t do anything at all, give them warm hugs and kisses, assure them it will be fine and move on.

Controlling Who They Befriend

It would be great if you could pick who your child’s friends are, wouldn’t it? But how would we like it if our parents picked who we had to be friends with? Would that be nice? No, didn’t think so. There may be some kids you wish your child would be good friends with but friendships cannot be forced. You shouldn’t interfere with who your child is friends with unless they are being negatively influenced.

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Constantly Warning Them About Danger

It should be a top priority to keep your child safe but overdoing it is a big no-no. If you’re always scaring them by telling them every single thing they’re about to do is dangerous, they’ll never have the courage to do anything before consulting you. How is your child going to adapt to the real world if anything less than ideal to you is prohibited?


Stopping Your Child From Branching Out

You may think that something is best for your child and make the decision for them to pursue it without asking them what they really want. Let’s say your child wants to learn Arts but you think that Science is a much better choice. Sometimes you block your kids from branching out on their own, they’ll never discover their real talent and interest this way.

Checking On Them Non-Stop

Calling your child’s teacher frequently to ask how they’re doing in class, calling your child every hour when they’re out with friends to ensure they’re safe. It can be reassuring for you but it can be very suffocating for your child or the others around him. Just balance the number of check-ins to avoid making yourself and the people around you to go crazy.

Putting Your Child In A Bubble Away From The Real World

Life isn’t all about sunshine and rainbows and children needs to know that as they grow. You can protect them as much as you want now but you can’t do so forever. They are bound to grow up and they will be exposed to the world someday without you. Because of that, it’s always better for you to prepare them before they go out there.

It’s normal for parents to want to keep their children safe but sometimes you’ll have to let go little by little for them to learn and adapt to the real world.

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