Common Skin Conditions in Newborns


Have you ever touched a baby’s skin? It is silky smooth and petal delicate.  However, just as much as we gush over its petal softness it is just as common for newborns to have skin problems as it adjusts to its new environment outside the womb.

Here are some of the most common newborn skin issues that you should know:

  1. Baby’s Acne


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According to Dr Eichenfield as quoted from, baby acne shows up because of mom’s hormones. He is experiencing a mini-puberty as the mother’s hormones are still circulating through his body. Usually, baby acne will show up at around two to three weeks of age.

Should you worry? NO. The pimples are harmless and will not leave any scars. Leave the pimples alone it is because the condition can go away on its own without the need to apply oil or cream, which can make it worse.

2. Milia

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Milia are small white or yellow bumps that are common on newborns’ skin. Milia are generally seen on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and even in the gums! Fortunately, it will go away within the first few days or weeks without any treatment. You can just leave them alone.

3. Prickly Heat

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Prickly heat presents itself as tiny blisters filled with fluid (or pus) or little reddish bumps appearing on the baby’s back, chest or underarms. It is also known as “miliaria”. Prickly heat usually occurs because of the blockage of sweat ducts on the skin. The condition is most likely to emerge when the weather is hot and humid . Over-bundling a baby can also cause miliaria.

4. Newborn Dry Skin

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Dry skin is common in newborns. But it brings no harm and the condition will get better on its own. Dry skin happens because our baby was surrounded by fluid in our womb for several months. So it will take a while for the baby to get used to the new surroundings.

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5. Cradle Cap

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Cradle cap is a skin condition that looks like waxy pink or orange scales on the scalp. Although it is not cute, it is harmless. It SHOULD be treated as it will cause irritation to our baby.

How to treat it? Gently massage the baby’s areas of cradle cap with your fingers or a soft brush to loosen the scales. You can also use shampoos which are specialized in curing cradle cap by at least once a day.

6. Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is flat red patches in the diaper area. However, it can be a yeast infection if it starts to extend to the folds of the skin. Our newborn’s skin is very sensitive. It can become irritated from being in close contact with urine and stool in diapers.

What you can do is to change the diaper’s frequently, and pat her bottom dry. It is better if you can let her spend some time diaper-free! Diaper cream or any ointment like petroleum jelly can also be used to protect the skin from irritants.

7. Mongolian spots

Mongolian spots look like a big bruise but it is not!

Mongolian spots are one type of baby’s birthmarks. Some birthmarks fade over time, while some remain for the rest of the child’s life. Mongolian spots appear in over 90%of Asian, Native American, African American, and Hispanic babies. They might look like a big bruise, but it is not! And they do not hurt at all. You may see the spots on your baby’s back, bottom or legs.

These are among the common skin conditions in newborns. Most of them are not harmful to babies. However, if any irritation occurs, it is best to go visit the doctor.

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