Excessive Use of Smartphone: 4-year-old Girl Undergoes Eye Surgery

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Nowadays, it is a common thing for parents to give their children a smartphone for them to stop being cranky or moody. Worst comes to worst; some parents even buy their children smartphone at an early age just to let them behave better (that’s what they thought). As what we observe, most parents hand smartphone or other gadgets to their children when it comes to eating at the restaurant so that their children will sit quietly and that they won’t disturb their parents. Anyhow, with the rise of technology, we have seen how antisocial children can get with a device in their hands, right?

But, recently, in Thailand, a father had learned a lesson in a hard way that technologies can be harmful to the children when her 4-year-old daughter underwent eye surgery for using too much of mobile phone.


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Doctors said that Dachar’s daughter had vision loss or “lazy eyes” – when the eyes did not work together, causing the fact that an eye worked effectively while other didn’t. As a result, she has not only visual impairment but also squinty eyes.

Here’s the original Facebook post below:

เคยได้ยินข่าวกันมาบ่อย แต่ก็มาเจอกับตัวเองจนได้จอปีศาจ เลี้ยงลูกกะมือถือ ไอแพด ตอนสองขวบ ดูแลเค้าไม่ทันบางทีก็…

Posted by Dachar Nuysticker Chuayduang on Thursday, November 1, 2018

In Dachar Facebook post, he explains that he started to give his 2-year-old daughter his mobile phone to play with, as a way of keeping her occupied while he worked. But little did he know, due to the excessive device use, her daughter started to have health problems which start with eye issues, and she had to wear glasses. But her eyesight gradually degenerated and at age four, the child had to undergo surgery because her vision had worsened. He eventually discovered that her prolonged and uncontrolled device-use was to blame. The eye surgery took place on October 31, and after the surgery, the girl was able to use both of her eyes simultaneously. Dachar was advised by doctors not to allow the patient to use any devices and even television. The light emitted from these devices is the main cause of vision loss that requires her to undergo surgery.

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credit: FeedyTV

The dad now realizes that the excessive use of smartphones by kids can have serious health consequences on them.

All in all, all electrical devices seem to be a convenient way for you to get rid of looking after your little one but the consequences can be severe. It isn’t only harmful to your child, but also your family. In the long run, your children will be thankful if you spend more time playing and spending time with them instead of letting them play with mobile phones.

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