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Moms, we know that breastfeeding isn’t easy. That’s why, for breastfeeding week, we got a lactation consultant to sit down with us and talk about common problems that breastfeeding moms face. With breastfeeding questions covering milk blisters, having enough milk and even breastfeeding while working, we’ve got the answers.

Question 1: Why don’t I have enough breast milk?

One of the most common questions that moms always ask – Why don’t I have enough milk for my baby? Well, according to Christin, our lactation consultant, this could be due to improper latching. One main way to ensure that your baby gets enough milk is through a good latch. If a baby is getting enough milk, you should be able to gauge using the number of wet diapers and stools.

Question 2: How do you prevent sore nipples while breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding can be a painful affair for many moms, resulting in sharp pain or sore nipples everytime it’s time to breastfeed their baby. According to Christin, this is mainly caused by incorrect latching and can be easily remedied by ensuring that your baby has a good latch.

Question 3: Mastitis and blocked ducts?

Blocked ducts occur when the milk within the breast is unable to flow smoothly, resulting in a painful and irritated lump in the mother’s breast. If left unchecked, it could get infected and develop into mastitis. Christin recommends moms undergoing this problem to continue breastfeeding as long as it’s not too painful to do so in order to help clear the blocked duct.

Question 4: Milk blisters

Milk blisters are white, yellow or clear spots that are caused by a variety of reasons like incorrect latching or yeast infections. This painful condition can be relieved by applying a warm, wet compress before nursing in order to soften the skin. When the baby nurses, it will also help drain the milk blister. However, a doctor’s visit might be needed if it doesn’t drain after nursing.

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Question 5: What if I’m a working mom who wants to continue breastfeeding?

Going back to work after your confinement period is tough. However, it’s especially tough for breastfeeding moms as it is difficult to keep it going once work starts. Christin suggests preparing some milk beforehand, as well as continue with regular pumping in order to ensure that the milk flow does not decrease. Ensure that you keep the milk cool!

But what kind of breast pump is ideal for these situations?

For the mom that is always on-the-go, the Philips Avent breast pump checks all the boxes. It is portable, gentle and comfortable in order to ensure that the mother’s pumping experience is a pleasant one. With their gentle massage cushion designed for ultimate comfort, pumping will be a comfortable and pleasant experience. Besides that, the Philips Avent breast pump uses rhythmic wave technology which mimics a baby’s suckling pattern. What this means is that it helps stimulate the breast to express the milk easily and more efficiently.

Not sure whether this breast pump might be the one for you? Watch celebrity Wong Chui Ling talk about this breast pump in the video below!

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