Malaysian Supermom Jaclyn Victor Shares Her Beautiful Motherhood Journey

Getting married at 36 was a little later than expected for national singer, Jaclyn Victor. This month, we have invited Supermom Jaclyn Victor to share her experiences on motherhood and how she manages to juggle between kids and her career. Blessed with two kids, Jonah and Molly, her whole world changed after the arrival of her two beautiful children.

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Happy birthday to you my precious Jonah and Molly. Yes thats right, they were both born on the same day today, Jonah on the 24/08/2015 and Molly on the 24/08/2017 😍Jonah you are an amazing little boy with so much love and affection, specially for your Mama hehe. Thank you for all your kisses and cuddles everyday. Happy 3rd birthday baby boy!! 😍Molly, when we found out you were a girl, I was freaking out. I didn't know how to take care of a girl, plus I was/am a girl. I know all about the drama and so wasn't looking forward to all that. You however have just turned out to be the easiest, "coolest cucumber" baby ever. You bless Mama with your beautiful smile every single day. Happy 1st birthday sweetheart. 😍To Jonah and Molly, Mama and Dad-Dad would be unhappy miserable, lonely, cows if it weren't for the both of you. You are the apples of our eyes. The reason to wake up each day. You bring so much love and light into our lives and it would be meaningless without you. 😍Dad-Dad and Mama love you more than words can say and we look forward to spending all our lives with the both of you. God bless you Jonah Joshiah Rivera and Molly Marguerite Rivera 😍😍 Thank you Nana for whipping up a surprise birthday cake for these 2 nuggets! @maggie.barrie @shawnkurtrivera @novemberskyys #jonahjoshiahrivera #jonahrivera #cheekycherub #mollymargueriterivera #mollyrivera #mollydolly #blessed #twinsbutnottwinsbutkinda #happinessisanunderstatement #motherhoodisthebestthingthateverhappenedtome

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Who doesn’t know this singer right? Blessed and gifted with a powerful voice, she also has a very humble yet charming personality, Jaclyn Victor didn’t hesitate to share how it felt like to be a working mom, and how it affected her life.

How did Jaclyn Victor become a singer?

“Singing is like breathing, when you breathe, you don’t think about it right?”. It wasn’t until she was in Standard 4 or 5, when her friends started pointing out her incredible singing talent. Her love and passion for singing then motivated her to continue pursuing it as a career, even winning her the title of Malaysian Idol.


Jaclyn Victor
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Married at 36-year-old

Jaclyn Victor got married at 36, to her beloved husband Shawn Rivera, a singer from The States. Due to their late marriage, they didn’t wait to have a baby because as everyone knows, being pregnant at 30 and above is quite risky even though they were both healthy. She was thrilled when she found out that she was pregnant because, she said even though she worked out and her husband had quit smoking a year before, one just never knows.


On her pregnancies

It is normal for celebrities to have their lives be exposed to the public limelight. However, Jaclyn Victor always made a point to keep her pregnancies private for as long as she could in order to ensure that it did not interfere with her career.

Because she kept her pregnancies in private, it didn’t really affect her career life except for one incident. It happened 3 weeks before the delivery of her first child, while she was still actively singing. The management of the Gig said that they didn’t want to be responsible should anything happen since she was heavily pregnant, so they declined her.

Give and take

Having an amazing husband is a blessing for Jaclyn when her lifesaver husband gives so much in helping her to juggle between family and career. Shawn Rivera, who works from home, offers Jaclyn more time to manage her career after the arrival of their wonderful children.

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H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A R Y to the love of my life. Thank you for an amazing 4 year ride Baby!! You make me laugh. You make me have explosions 😂. You make me tear up watching you with the babies. I have to smell your raunchy farts 🤣 You make me wanna be goofy with you. I could go on and on. We aren't perfect but I wouldn't ever wanna change anything about us. I just wanna say that I LOVE YOU with all my heart. Thank you for being the wonderful man that you are and for giving everything up for the babies and I. There aren't words to describe how happy you make me and how much I appreciate everything you do. To many more years together Booba. Sorry I am working today. See you in a few. Mmwaaahhhh 😍😘 @shawnkurtrivera #mehbooba #4yearsstrong

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Her Advice

“Women and mothers are superhuman beings.”
“You shouldn’t beat yourself up; you shouldn’t be hard on yourselves.”

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So yesterday while Jonah was napping, Shawn and I decided to take Molly out for a walk. We had taken Jonah out and left her home the day before. Did that happen?? Nope. He woke up just as I had finished tying Molly up. Then we had all the waterworks and drama la. Clinging on to me like a baby koala haha. So we took him with us for a long walk. Stopped at Tesco for some groceries and 2 parks for Jonah to play. He bid them all goodbye. Bye bye swing. Bye bye slide and bye bye see saw 🤣 My boy! I do love him. I know he loves me!! Although sometimes I just wanna cekik him. He probably feels the same way hahaha. Look at his face and how he's looking at Molly. Like, “she's mine!!" 😂 My Molly girl is the coolest cucumber. My precious baby girl. Can't believe how quickly they are both growing. Sighhhh. Anyway the reason for this post is to show off my baby wearing skills hehehe. Ruck tied in front. Yaaayyyyy. @shawnkurtrivera #jonahjoshiahrivera #jonahrivera #mollymargueriterivera #mollyrivera #cheekycherub #mollydolly #babyrivera #mamasboy #mamasbabygirl #happinessisanunderstatement #motherhoodisthebestthingthateverhappenedtome #blessed #babywearing #babywearingmama

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Curious about what other advice she has for all the moms watching? Watch the full video below!

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