Supermom Sazzy Falak Shares Car Travel Tips For Balik Kampung

Sazzy Falak is one of those names that is sticky on the memory. That’s because it keeps appearing in the limelight, always dazzling the Malaysian public across business and entertainment diasporas.

Sazzy is, without a doubt, a woman of many talents. Not only has she shone on the big screen ─ winning the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 19th Malaysian Film Festival in 2006 for her debut performance in Gol & Gincu, and then taking on memorable roles in a string of movies ever since ─ she has also appeared in telemovies, TV series, commercials, endorsements as well as played host to numerous TV programmes and chatshows.

Outside of the realm of camera, lights and action, Sazzy is a media darling too and has graced the covers of prestigious magazines such as Harmoni, Her World and EH! among others. She has also won numerous miscellaneous awards for being the sexiest woman, having the most beautiful eyes and being the most up-and-coming from other magazines such as FHM, OK! and Le Prestige.  To this day, Sazzy continues to be in front of the camera and featured across all media channels.

As a Wife and Mother

Sazzy married financial guru and trainer Nazril Idrus in 2006. Apart from running his own company LVG Consultants and Explosive Minds Asia, Nazril is himself a celebrity in his own right, having appeared in advertisements, drama and films.  The couple is blessed with twins Imaan Lily and Tiara Rose.

Born in 2011, Imaan and Tiara are now eight years old. They have their own Instagram stories which record their daily family life where they share an Insta-life with their famous parents. The children are central to Sazzy and Nazril’s family wholeness.

Here are some of their photos:

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I always hold dearly to one piece of advice from my parents: education is one thing that no one can take away from you. With that, I believe we should always strive to better ourselves. I recently came across Cambridge Assessment English which is part of the University of Cambridge, and their examinations and tests really captivated me. Since my two girls are in already in school, I think it’ll be a good chance to test their English skills with Cambridge Assessment English’s free online test at Lets see how they fare? Stay tuned for my next post on what’s their score like. Mommy knows you can do this girls! #cambridgeenglish #learnenglish #learnenglishwithme #english #englishexam

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As a busy celebrity mum juggling motherhood and career, she once told a health and lifestyle portal that she values the opportunity of being a parent and being gifted with two beautiful girls, she treasures spending every moment of their growing up years being closely-knitted with them. Engagement and interaction are key to bringing them up well.

She says, “When you spend time with your kids, give them your 100% attention. It’s so easy to be in the same room with them and they’re doing their thing, but it’s so important to put down what you’re doing and to just engage with them. I think that when you interact and engage with your kids, especially at such a young age – they become better human beings.”

Naturally, the safety and security of her precious family is of utmost concern to Sazzy and she cannot stress enough why it is important for every parent to take the right measures to safeguard and preserve the well-being, health and happiness of the family.

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