Malaysian Supermom Yasmin Hani Has This To Say About Being A Mother Of Two

Being a working mom is not easy. Having to juggle between your husband, kids and maintaining your career is no easy feat. However, this month’s Supermom Yasmin Hani seems to be able to handle her acting career, family and owning multiple businesses with a certain grace and confidence, all while still maintaining her bubbly personality and a fantastic sense of humour. For this episode of’s Supermoms, we’ve decided to have a look into her motherhood journey.

How did she become an actress?

Blessed with stunningly good looks and mixed features, Yasmin Hani had always been a hit with the opposite sex. When in school, she and her sister were approached to feature in advertisements. However, during university was when her career in the entertainment industry really took off. This ultimately acted as a catalyst to her finding the love of her life.

How did she meet her husband?


yasmin hani

She first met her husband at Astro, where she was hosting a show, and he was a producer. One fateful day, the two bumped into each other in a satay shop, and the rest was history. How sweet is that? The two have been attached by the hip ever since. “Since then, we’ve not been apart – ever. We’ve  been together every single day.” If that doesn’t make you melt? I don’t know what will.

On her pregnancies

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After a one-year honeymoon period, the couple decided that it was time to have kids. Cue their two children Noah and Eissa. With her first pregnancy, everything was smooth sailing until she developed a pain under her chest. Thankfully, it was nothing major and the pain subsided once Noah was delivered. For Eissa, her pregnancy went smoothly, but she met with some complications from the caesarian birth.

On having two kids

Yasmin hani

As many people say, having kids changes everything in your life. Yasmin Hani is no exception. With the arrival of Noah, she became the protective parent, making sure that he stayed safe and well. However, her parenting became laxer when Eissa came along – as is with most parents.

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Her relationship with her husband has also changed significantly, with most things like holidays and outings more focused and geared towards the kids instead of just the both of them. The kids sometimes sleep between them as well, which makes alone time a little bit difficult.

Yasmin also commented that their dates mostly consists of just staying home watching series nowadays if they’re lucky enough to get some alone time.

Being so exposed to the public limelight

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Having been exposed to being in front of the cameras since she was young, Yasmin Hani is no stranger to her life being in the public spotlight. In fact, for her pregnancy with Noah, there was actually a TV show documenting her pregnancy! So it’s no surprise that her little ones are already superstars. With products sponsorships to photoshoots, it appears that Noah and Eissa are following in their parents’ footsteps.

However, Yasmin commented that she still tries to be careful about what she shares with the world. After all, everything you post, especially when it comes to parenting and kids is always under public scrutiny. Also, with her kids always being in the public eye, she has had to get them used to posing and being comfortable around a camera. But all in all, she said that she was used to all of it.

Her advice

yasmin hani

“Just relax and enjoy motherhood.” She also advises moms to do lots of research and not just listen to any advice given.

To see what else she has to say about these topics and more, watch the full interview below.

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