The ABC Song Myth: What’s The Right Way To Get My Child To Start Reading?

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A few years back, when two of my elder kids were about 3 and 4 years old, we were scouting for a kindergarten to enrol them in. One particular meeting with a school principal made an impression on me, the first question she asked was “are your children already learning the ABC’s at home?” Sensing the need to answer in the negative, I carefully said “No…” and she heaved a sigh of relief and exclaimed “Great! Now we can start them on a clean slate”. I was perplexed to say the least, why shouldn’t my kids be learning the ABC’s already? Don’t we all start by singing the ABC song? Isn’t A for Apple, B for Boy? What’s wrong with that?

Here’s why.

Children tend to get puzzled when the first thing they learn is the name of the alphabets (ie. A-B-C) instead of the sound (ie. /eh/-/buh/-/kuh/). This makes it hard for them to blend the sounds together to form a word verbally because they are not taught how to! This is why so many children, even adults, are having problems with reading, spelling, and generally struggling with the language.

As my youngest is now at an age where he is ready to read, I know who can help him to start on the right foot to master the English language.


Yes! I Can Read!

The I Can Read Programme is developed by registered educational psychologists following years of research and studies. The founders, Antony Earnshaw, and Annabel Seargent are also published author of the book titled “Dealing with Dyslexia and Other Reading Difficulties”. From their research, they found that premature exposure to the alphabets is the cause of failure for children to learn to read English well as they have not developed sufficient pre-reading skills such as syllabic and phonemic awareness. Ironically, our well-meaning intention to start our children early by flashing the alphabet cards and singing the ABC song has stumbled their footing right from the beginning.

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Thus, a structured and instructional reading programme is necessary to help guide these beginner readers. Taught by internationally qualified English Reading Specialists using the I Can Read method, the programme enables students to visualize how letters combine to create sounds and so, empowers them to take charge of his or her own reading progress. Besides focusing on reading, I Can Read also provides students with key writing and speaking skills they need to be successful when they enter in their primary school years.


Unlocking A World of Creativity

I Can Read is a firm believer of creative play and they understand that children are naturally curious. So don’t be surprised when your child comes home all bright-eyed, and speaks in a sing-song manner, because every lesson in I Can Read is a big adventure for the kids as they learn through dramatic play, singing and rhyming, and storytelling!

Learning while having fun? I’d say, that’s as good as it gets! When a child is relaxed and happy, he or she will start soaking up like a dry, thirsty sponge.


See For Yourself!

Is your child struggling with reading unassisted and is frustrated? Do you fear losing his or her interest in learning as the day go by? Well then choosing a reputable system that has proven track record like the I Can Read Programme is utterly important.

Visit the I Can Read website and redeem FREE ASSESSMENT today for your child! The joy of reading is really the best gift any parent can give their children.

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