The new dad’s guide -Helping your wife get back on her feet.

For a man, nothing can compare to the joy of becoming a new dad. It is one of life’s greatest milestones, one might say. However, as the initial frenzy settles and reality kicks in, not to mention new sets of responsibilities and duties, a new papa may be faced with the stress of performance as a new father. Yes, a baby can put a huge strain on any relationship. Having a baby in the house for the first time will somehow rob your wife and you from sleep and rest. Her hormone levels are facing drastic changes, plus she has her recovery from the physical exertions of labor to deal with.  Just remember that this bit isn’t going to last forever and hey, you’re a daddy now!



Life at home

You entered the hospital as a couple and came home with a third family member. This means a third person exists in your relationship now and it might not be that easy to cope with the reality of it, never mind the fact that it is a tiny being! If before this, you were the number one priority of your partner, things will have to change now and  you will  have to get used to not being the only one she needs to see to. It would do her a great deal of good if she hears from you yourself that you understand and accept that.

Its important to keep in mind that your baby needs around-the-clock attention for the first few weeks and your partner is in fact the main person to see to this. So, if she’s working so hard to look after your baby, who’s looking after her? Yes, you!


Offer some ‘time out’ for her

Now and then, the more often the better, do try to move some of your work or after work schedule around to be home for her and the baby. This will give her some much-needed rest and perhaps even a chance to take a small break from caring for the baby. By offering to help, she can take a longer soak in the tub or even just sleep!

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Friends keep calling you out for an after-work drink? You don’t have to decline every offer, but turning down the invites every now and then and being home to help your partner will be more appreciated that you will ever know! Anyway, the pub or bar isn’t going anywhere and there is always another time to meet up with the buddies –  ( If they are your real buddies, they’ll understand!)



Your partner has just given birth…. So, seriously?  Let’s leave that for a while, shall we? Well, at least for the next six weeks at least! Putting off some action in bed doesn’t mean that she loves you less now, nor does it mean she has fallen out of love with you. It is a fact that the mixture of tiredness, hormonal changes in the body after the birth and constant caring for a tiny dependent being will cause most women to lose their sex drive. Telling her you love her helps immensely! Remember – loving hugs and cuddles are always welcome and appreciated, and for the time being, it doesn’t really need to lead to anything else.

Don’t snub help

Offers of help to run errands and many more will likely to pour in from well-meaning friends and relatives ( both the ones you like and the ones you never did!). This is really not the best time to show them you are supper-daddy! It will be in the best interest of both your wife and you to accept offers of assistance, especially during the first few weeks. Any help at all with cleaning, cooking, laundry will help more that you think and leave you with one less errand or chore to take care of.


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