8 Tips On How To Parent Your Preteen

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Preteens are teens under the age of 13 and are between the age of 9 to 12. They are our bubbly and cuddly little angel who suddenly became distance to us and sometimes, they want nothing to do with us. Your child has changed not only physically but cognitively, emotionally and also socially.

I know that it won’t be easy, but you as a parent need to also respect your child to forge a successful relationship with your child.

8 tips on how to parent your preteens

It’s actually common for teens to be embarrassed about their parents or act as if they do not need guidance. This is actually the age when they talk more to their friends, and they require more space and privacy. Therefore, you need to give space for them to grow.


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Tip #1: Be involved and be interested

Try to get involved and be interested in what they are doing. Try to attend their games or practices more often and talk to them about what they are feeling. This way, you can provide better support for them if you know what they are doing in their lives.

Tip #2: Be a good role model

Be a good role model for your children by fulfilling daily tasks, such as, eating healthy and be kind to people.

Tip #3: Spend time with your child

Try to find some activity which you and child can do together. Both of you can bake cookies together or watch a TV show together or even go for a jog together. Some preteens are also more likely to talk about their problems when both of you are in the car together.

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Tip #4: Special Time

Whenever your preteen has achieved something, try to celebrate small occasions with them. For example, if they won a basketball competition, celebrate his or her victory. This way will improve your family bond.

Tip #5: Healthy eating

Your preteen will have a bigger appetite during this puberty period. Try to encourage them to eat healthy food whenever they eat out. Try to meet their nutritional needs by eating healthy at home too and giving them options for healthy food and beverages.

Tip #6: Show affection

Do not take it too personally or even to be surprised if your child doesn’t show love in public. Leave all the hugs and kisses for when you are alone with your child and instead go for a smile or a wave in public. You can also compliment them on their skills and talent.

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Tip #7: Dinner

Dinner is a must to eat together at least once a week. Try to gather everyone and make sure that they are involved and to make it fun for your children to participate.

Tip #8: Bedtime

Every night before they go to bed, give them a hug or a kiss on the head. Try to tuck them into bed and make sure to say goodnight to them.

It may be quite a challenge for you to parent your preteen but when you’ve done all you can for them, they will know it and will come to appreciate you. So parents, give them the privacy and space that they need. Let them be them and don’t force them too much.

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