Swearing can be good for your kid!

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It is often a complicated subject among families, what should you do if you hear your kid swearing. Explain it to them or reprimand them? According to a scientist, you should let them shout it out loud!

Swearing to express his feelings


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Dr. Emma Byrne is a researcher focused mainly on artificial sciences. During these researches, she got interesting results. Swearing is good. Indeed, it seems to help in various areas of personal development. Parent’s attitude toward bad language should then, be carefully considered. She had so many results that she decided to write “Swearing is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language.” In this book, the doctor explains that swearing is a great way to express one self’s feelings. It helps relationship building and processing with anger.

Addressing parents attitude toward swearing she said, “we try to keep strong language away from kids until they know how to use it effectively”. She then added, “learning how to use swearing effectively, with the support of empathetic adults, is far better than trying to ban children from using such language”.

How can it be beneficial?

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First, we all know how humans and especially kids are tempted by the forbidden. If parents are too strict by prohibiting kids to swear without them knowing the meaning of it, the risk is to appeal them saying it without being aware of the impact of such word. Moreover, it can confuse them when hearing adults saying such words. Indeed, they will hear strong words without correctly associating an emotion to it, and still they will know that they are not allowed to pronounce it. The neuroscientist scientist added “Children need to learn how swearing affects others.”

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There are more scientifically proofs enlightening the fact that being able to know what is a taboo word is good during pain suffering. Aware of the impact when a kid or an adult will choose to say this specific word, the psychological effect will be much more important, especially while expressing pain after an injury.

So, parents, what is your education towards “bad words”? Let us know in the comment sections, and don’t hesitate to visit Motherhood.com.my for more educational articles and amazing products.

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