Survey 2019

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We'd like to know you more in order to serve you better.
Help us find out how we can provide you with everything you've always wanted to know about your baby so that we can help enhance your journey in parenthood.

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1. Are you a Male or Female?
2. What is your age?
3. How many children do you have?
4. How old is/are your child? (Select multiple)

5. Where do you currently live?
6. What is your highest Educational Level?
7. In my household:
8. My combined monthly household income is:
9. Which social media platform do you use? (Select Multiple)

10. What do you like to read online (select multiple):

11. Are you looking to buy/invest in a property over the next 3 years?
12. What property price range are your considering?
13. Which of the following statements is true? (select multiple)
14. At which of these life stages did you purchase your child’s insurance policy?
15. If you have yet to purchase, what are your reasons for not purchasing insurance? (select multiple)
16. How often does your family travel for leisure?
17. Which are your preferred family holiday destination? (Select multiple)

18. How often does your family visit the shopping malls?

What are your reasons for bringing your family to the mall?(Select multiple)


Who looks after your children while you are away at work?


Which of the following activities does your child regularly participate in? (Select multiple)

22. How often do you bring your children for edutainment/ entertainment activities?
23. Which of the following banking services/facilities do you currently have accounts for:

Which of the following are you currently engaged in to grow your child’s education fund?


What type of family purchase do you mostly use your credit card for:

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