What To Do If Your Child Is A Part Of The Homosexual Community


In honor of Pride Month, this article will help address some concerns that you might have if you suspect your child might be or is part of the homosexual community.

The first thing you should do if you suspect your child might be part of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) community is to start reading up and finding out more about your child’s lifestyle. In truth, it is not much different from you or any other person’s life. The only difference would be who they are attracted to. One important thing to note is that even though they might be homosexual, it doesn’t mean that they are not still the same person that they were before they came out of the closet.


The next step is applicable for those whose children have not come out to them yet. In order to give them the courage to confide in you, you must first create a safe space. Engage with your child frequently so that they feel comfortable sharing their lives with you. DO NOT PRY! Do not secretly check their phones or any other personal items for evidence or you could lose your child’s trust altogether, and can damage your relationship with your child permanently.

Third, once your child has finally mustered the courage to let you know, the most important thing is to be accepting and understanding. After all, that’s what all children are¬†looking for from their parents. Love them like you have always done and offer them support. One thing you do have to note is that your child might be having a hard time in school and other public places due to their sexual orientation, making familial support more important than ever, especially in a country like Malaysia, where being homosexual is not widely accepted.


It’s important to not try to change them. There has been many cases whereby children who had come out to their parents were met with rejection, which then lead to depression and eventually suicide. So, it is very important that you are accepting of your child’s lifestyle, including when they finally find a partner. Remember that being part of the LGBT community is not a choice, and that it is a part of them. It’s not something that they can just switch off or decide not to be a part of.

One more added point is that just because your child might be homosexual, doesn’t mean that they have to be acting a certain way. After all, they are all humans with their own unique personalities. Just because your child loved walking around in your heels or played with your make up when they were young doesn’t mean that they are homosexual. Same goes for girls who acted like one of the boys. Just because they liked to rough house and wear pants doesn’t mean that they are homosexual as well. It’s important to allow your child to explore and express themselves while young to avoid any psychological damages in the future, regardless of whether they might be homosexual or heterosexual.


In conclusion, as a parent, your priority should be working to ensure that your child grows up happy and well, regardless of whether they are homosexual or heterosexual. Give them all the love and support that they need, and make sure that they know that you are always there for them, and can confide in you. Accept that this is a part of your child, but know that this does not define who they are, and should not change the way that you view them. Read up more on how to be a supportive parent and understand their situation more. After all, is being homosexual really such a bad thing? Is it something really worth losing your precious child over?

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