5 Benefits of Natural Birth

Many first-time mothers tend to get nervous when they consider on which birth styles they want to go through for the delivery of their first child. Natural birth or C-section? Most of the time, natural birth is encouraged but if your cervix fails to dilate to ten centimeters when you need to start pushing, doctors will suggest a C-section instead.

However, if you feel that C-section is the answer to a faster and not-so-painful delivery, take a look first at the 5 benefits of natural birth:



1. Might Have Successful Breastfeeding

Studies have shown that breastfeeding is made easy when there is an immediate skin-to-skin contact with your child. It also improves Baby’s sleep and brain development which also reduces the crying.


2. Able To Move

When you are certain that you won’t be doing the C-section, epidural will not be given which means you are free to walk around and do whatever you like before the delivery.

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3. Effective Pushing

Epidurals may offer effective pain relief but also makes it harder for you to control your body. Without it, pushing will be much more easier and less stressful. You will also be able to move about and not lose any sensations which also means you can control your body.


4. Walk Sooner

With the absence of epidural, you will be able to walk sooner as you will not experience prolonged numbness or grogginess from the medication. This will also help in smoother stools and less chances of constipation.


5. Proud Of Your Body

After delivery, you will feel proud that you are capable of giving birth without any medications. You will also feel much more empowered for you had control over your body. Not only that, you should be proud for what you have accomplished which is bringing your Baby to this world by having full autonomy of your own body.

source: Whattoexpect.com

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