5 Breastfeeding Tips for New Mums

It is understood that many new mothers are pressured to conform to the trending breastfeeding frenzy going on recently. With so many women sharing about their memorable and insightful experiences, it is hard for you to dismiss breastfeeding for your baby. Even so, a lot of new mothers are less than prepared to start breastfeeding so here are a few tips for you to get yourself ready!


Mother and Newborn

1. Get Help After The Delivery

Right after the delivery, get help from the nurses for your first breastfeeding session with Baby. The first milk or better known as colostrum, is rich in vitamins, immune factors and all the good components to protect your baby. After all, we want the best for our child so don’t hesitate to breastfeed right after delivering.

Women Smoking

2. Stay Away From Harmful Substances

If you are an alcoholic or smoker, don’t drink and smoke if you want to continue breastfeeding Baby. This is because the alcohol, drugs and smoke can reduce your supply of breast milk and makes it unhealthy for Baby to consume. Stay away from smoking areas where inhalation of cigarette smokes will also affect the quality and supply of milk.


3. Hydrate and Eat

It’s totally understandable that everything revolves around Baby but as a mother, you also need to take your three important meals to gain energy and nutrients. Take note that when you breastfeed, you are giving Baby all the nutrients and vitamins from your body. This is why you should have a healthy and normal diet to regain what is lost. Also, drink plenty of water to increase your supply of breast milk.

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4. Baby-led Feeding

Only feed Baby when he/she is hungry. Don’t have a fixed timing for feeding time because that is only for formula-fed babies. Don’t determine when and how much breast milk you baby needs. Instead, feed Baby when he/she is hungry or show signs of hunger.


5. Practice Makes Perfect

It hurts at the very beginning of breastfeeding and it is normal. Most of the time it is due to improper latching or positioning but you will get it along the way, so no worries! Soreness to the nipples will occur but with a few more rounds, you will get used to it.

There are many other breastfeeding tips to prep a new mother for the arrival of her first child. However, getting started with these 5 tips will help prepare you for what to expect and also to let you decide whether breastfeeding is for you or not.

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