Learning & Growing

Learning & growing is part of kids developmental stages. Every new thing that they learn will help them discover their strengths and weaknesses. As a parent, it is your job to guide them through with the proper skills and values they need. Help them to grow up and be a confident, independent, and respectable human being when they are older. If you are our of ideas on how to do so, stay tuned with our write up at this column!

Tales of Father & Daughter


“Rescuing Peter” Peter fell off the bridge, said this tiny voice next to me. This happened around six in the morning and the harbinger…

Let the Lil’ Hands do the Talking


Is baby signing solely for infants with hearing or speech disabilities? In actual fact, it was established for healthy and perfectly normal babies. Tay…

Playfully serious


The benefits of play therapy Highlighted Play therapy is a technique which utilises children’s natural means of expression, namely play, as a therapeutic method…