Journey Through Confinement Practices | Is Confinement Nanny Necessary?

In this modern area, not many new moms believe in confinement period because they think that they can replenish by themselves without having to seek any help from other people. But did you know that, in the confinement period, you are required to rest fully for them to recover their body from the inside? In this fourth episode of PantangPlus with Zamzarina, she will reveal everything that we need to know about the necessity of having confinement nanny.

So, is midwife important for new moms? Zamzarina said, YES!

Why is confinement nanny important?

1. It is a need.

Zamzarina highlighted that a mother would not be able to do any physical activities after delivery and this is the solid reason why a new mother needs to seek for confinement nanny to help them do the routine, especially to take care of the newborn baby.

2. A midwife can help to take care of the newborn baby.

As we know, a newly born’s sleeping time changes every day. So, it is best to let a midwife to take care of your newborn at day, and you can rest fully to be awake at night, because you never know when your baby will be awake, which probably, is anytime they like.

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3. A midwife can cook confinement food for you.

In order to replenish, new moms need to have a good rest. Zamzarina also suggests that all mothers who just gave birth not to do any activities that will burden them, which includes cooking. So let the midwife come and help you out.

A lot of moms have overlooked this, and wonder why they don’t get enough rest during the confinement period. So, hiring a midwife can surely help new moms overcome this.

Curious about other advice that Zamzarina has to say? Watch the full video below!

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