Quiz: What World Will Our Children Grow Up In? | International Women’s Day

international women's day

In our society, sexism is still rampant, especially when in the workplace. With blatant examples like the gender wage gap, objectification of women in the workplace, and even discrimination of pregnant women, there is still much to be improved in the world. In accordance with International Women’s Day, we at Motherhood.com.my have come up with a little quiz to show you how our Asian and traditional ideals could affect the world in which our children will grow up in. Give it a go and the results could really surprise you. This year, for International Women’s Day, the theme is #PressforProgress, which calls on everyone to speak out and end sexism and gender disparity. Try out the quiz and share what your results and thoughts are in the comments.


What is the gender of your child/children?

How do you dress and bring up your child?

When a boy cries, what is your first thought?

When a boy bullies or teases a girl in the park or kindergarten, what is your response?

If you have a boy that is expressing interests in "girly" things like dolls, makeup, pink clothes etc., how would you react?

When bringing up a girl, what is the main value you work on teaching them?

How do you feel about the working environment in Malaysia when it comes to sexism in the workplace?

Have you ever come across any sexism when out and about?

How would you react when faced with sexism?

Would you want to bring up your daughter in a world where she has to fear for her safety every time she goes out?

Quiz: What World Will Our Children Grow Up In? | International Women's Day
An era of gender inequality


If we choose to continue down this path, our daughters and their daughters will continue being discriminated against, be it socially or professionally. The gender wage gap, whereby men are paid significantly more than women for the same job will still continue on. Should they become pregnant, they could be at risk of losing their jobs or being deemed unfit to continue on. Is this the type of world you want your child to grow up in? One where society thinks that women are unable to do things that men can, when in fact we can do it better? It's time to change this mindset so that everyone will be on an equal playing field once more.
An era of gender equality and the end of sexism

Keep fighting the good fight for all the women out there! Unfortunately, gender inequality is still rampant in our society, whereby women are expected to be caregivers and housewives, whilst men are expected to be the breadwinners. Women are individuals that deserve to be respected, and are not men's properties. This society construct is harmful to both men and women, and we should work together to smash down these walls and allow everyone to be on an equal playing field. It's time for these outdated ideals to rest and bring forth equality for the wellbeing of our children and future generations.

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