Tantrums, potties and questions, welcome to life with a toddler! Toddler games, potty training, milestone charts etc.


Toy Ideas


Learning toys Learning toys get little brains working. They provide opportunities for memorizing, recalling understanding, creating and imagining. LeapFrog Alphabet Pal Caterpillar Press any…

Travelling tots


Travelling with small children, needless to say, is a challenge on a league of it’s own.  Babies and toddlers warrant your attention all the…

A letter to Leah


My dearest Leah, Tomorrow, you turn one year old. How time flies. It has been a roller-coaster journey for your mommy. From the moment…

Your growing baby


Tracking your baby’s development Baby Development 101 From a  newborn to a cheeky, active toddler. All it takes is just twelve  months for your…



Keen on providing her toddler with regular opportunities to socialise, Teh Yen Hong signs up her 15-month old for play sessions at Gymboree. She…

Busting The jargons


So, you are all excited about enrolling you precious offspring into his first learning center for a bright future. Brochures and flyers at hand,…

Ask Our Experts


Q: My two year-old is shy and struggles to make friends at playgroup. How can I encourage him to be more sociable? Counselling psychologist/marriage…